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With these crimson nails, nail artist Samantha Ramirez evokes feelings of love and romance. Acrylics are ideal for a style like this, which is understated enough to not be blatantly reserved for Valentine’s Day but still enhanced with jewels. We adore traditional red nail paint, so this is ideal for a modest homage to the occasion that will still last you a few weeks.

 Betina Goldstein

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Do you prefer a more simple style? Red hearts are added for extra affection to Betina Goldstein’s short, shiny nails. yet rather than painting a heart on just one nail, she combined the design on two nails, creating a straightforward yet wonderfully elegant appearance. Although the concept is “broken heart,” you may still wear it since it is art.

 Sigourney Nuñez

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With this adorable matte heart nail art, you don’t wear your heart on your sleeve as other people do. Although Sigourney Nuez is well recognized for her incredible nail art and we have previously showcased her daring designs, we adore this straightforward yet elegant design.

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