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4. Apply under-eye concealer properly.

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When you have very dark bags under your eyes, you’ll use a pink or peach-colored concealer to lighten them a touch. Then you only need to apply your usual eye concealer, which can work best if it’s made to point out yellow undertones and if it’s a shade lighter than your foundation. It should cover everything that goes from the world closest to the lacrimal duct through to the outer corner of the attention. Apply with very gentle strokes. Finally, you’ll finish everything off with a touch of powder, which should even have yellow undertones.

5. Let a professional shape your eyebrows instead of doing them at home.

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To have well-defined eyebrows, this renowned makeup artist says it’s best to hunt the eye of the knowledgeable. It’s best if the person you attend has been recommended by a lover who has eyebrows that appear as if what you’d want for yourself. Then, you’ll easily keep them well-shaped on your own by removing the hairs as they grow. Regarding the colors you’ll use during this area to form your face look natural, we recommend that they be an equivalent shade because the hair if it’s black, you’ll choose a dark brown. To tame unruly hairs, a transparent gel could is available in handy.

6. Use your index finger in place of an eyelash curler.

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This is one of our favorite tricks from Bobbi Brown. She says that when you’ve applied your mascara, you ought to wait and let it dry out a touch. Then use your index to softly push them up. Hold them there for just a couple of moments then allow them to go. Their website warns against reasonably common practice: employing a curler.

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