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7. Blend your eyeliner (also) with your fingers.

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And, once more, Bobbi Brown recommends using our fingers, the simplest tools we’ve at our disposal. At this point, the goal is to urge a smudgy eye line. Start by outlining the world near your lashes together with your eyeliner, right at the highest, then do an equivalent at rock bottom, but with a softer line. Now it’s time to use your fingers to smudge the road. you’ll try doing that several times until you catch on just the way you wish it.

8. Apply a blush similar in tone to your actual flushed cheeks.

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This cosmetic is specially made to feature a natural glow to your face. It sometimes comes in powder or sometimes within the sort of cream. However, within the case of the cream, it’s not meant to be applied as heavily as a daily cream. Bobbi Brown suggests that you simply ask yourself what the color of your cheeks is once they blush. this is often the shade of blush that will assist you to achieve a natural search for everyday use. For special occasions or galas, you’ll choose a brighter shade.

9. You can use your cream blush on your eyes and lips.

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We think one among the makeup artist’s favorite products maybe a cream blush. you’ll also use the cream blush that you simply applied on your cheeks on your upper eyelids and lips, with light strokes (yes, also together with your fingers). In this manner, you’ll achieve that natural look you’re trying to find, without having to believe the way to combine all the reminders of your makeup.

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