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10. Use a lipstick in a shade you can apply without a mirror

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According to Bobbi Brown, in the least times we should always carry lipstick during a shade that doesn’t require a mirror to be applied easily. regrettable we’ll need to skip the rouge this point around, but that’s okay because the makeup artist features a good tip to share with us.

When applying lipstick that doesn’t require a mirror, start by painting the lower lip. Then simply press the lips together and together with your finger (again) finish covering the upper lip. If you don’t have any lipstick available and you continue to want to feature a touch color to your lips, you’ll gently bite them. this is often an honest trick which will work for spontaneous selfies.

11. Watch your diet to keep your skin looking healthy naturally.

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Bobbi Brown shares many beauty and makeup recommendations on all the various social media accounts that she has and in her books also. But besides talking about foundations, concealers, and lipsticks, she never fails to say that diet is probably the foremost important thing if you would like your skin to seem great. confirm to remain far away from processed foods, excess salt, sugar and white flour, and soft drinks. These are just a few of her recommendations.

12. Be confident and just be yourself.

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We’d wish to conclude this compilation with a really valuable tip from Bobbi Brown which may seem obvious, but that’s why it’s the foremost important one. She believes that beauty comes from the arrogance you’ve got in yourself, from feeling good in your own skin.

One of the chapters of her book Beauty From the within Out (2017), is entirely dedicated to talking about this. She thinks that confident people not only look more attractive but also feel unstoppable. There’s an easy thanks to achieving this. Next time you substitute front of the mirror and appearance at yourself, stop comparing yourself to others. Instead, be happy to be who you’re, because you’re unique. Focus more on what you wish about yourself instead of on what you think that of as flaws. We believe that thereupon attitude, any makeup will look beautiful on you.

Which of those tips are you already using, and would you add any additional tips to Bobbi Brown’s to assist others to achieve a more natural, beautiful makeup look?

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