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CUTE SUMMER NAIL DESIGNS & IDEAS FOR 2023, While having a beautiful manicure is a good idea all year, something about summer makes you feel more daring. Now is the moment to experiment with ultra-bright colors, novel textures, fashionable forms, and bold patterns. Continue reading to learn entertaining methods to change your distinctive summer nails and this season’s most on-trend attractive summer nail designs and ideas to elevate your manicure.

Cute Summer Nails for 2023

1. Summer Rainbow Nails

This is the season to dress as brightly, warmly, and tropically as the weather allows! Make a fruity drink with pastel colors including pink, mint, lilac, yellow, and baby blue. When summer hits, the rules are thrown out the window, and it’s time to show off your creativity in the shape of a manicure. Furthermore, there are no gloves to hide behind, allowing your summer nails to receive the attention they deserve!

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