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20 Hairstyles That Will Knock 10 Years Off Your Age

Every woman wants to maintain her youthful looks for as long as possible. You don’t need a ton of expensive serums and different treatments, sometimes choosing the right haircut can be key to enhancing your look. If you feel like you have been stuck with the same boring hairstyle for years, it’s time to consider your options and rejuvenate yourself. Here are 20 Hairstyles That Will Knock 10 Years Off Your Age.

20. Classic Bob

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The classic bob is a timeless hairstyle that can do miracles for your look. If you want a fresh and young-looking hairstyle, easy to maintain, and chic for everyday and special occasions, this is the right one for you. The classic bob is a hairstyle that will help you stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons. It compliments every face shape, giving a slimming effect, which is always a big plus, right? Simple, yet elegant, wear it with style and enjoy the age rewinding benefits you get from it, because with this hairstyle age is just a number.

19. Long Layers

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Another flattering and sultry style you need to think about if you are going for a fresh, trendy look. By adding long layers, you will give life and texture to your blunt hair. The layers will frame the face and make it more youthful, giving it structure. Keep the layers at a length between your chest and shoulder area to get the ideal look. If you want to go a step further, highlight your layers to show them off even more and to accent the voluminous, silky texture and your best features that will take you back to your blooming years.

18. Big Curls

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This retro look will bring a spotlight to your face and crown you with elegance. Big curls that start from the cheekbones are a favorable style that will frame the face and stop aging for you. They have a lot of texture and if the curls go outwards, they will make your face look thinner. This look is a perfect choice for special occasions, where it can be enhanced with suiting accessories and remarkable clothing. You can get these amazingly voluminous curls with just a few simple steps, using the correct hair products and a hairdryer or hair rollers.

17. Braided Bun

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The thing with top knots and buns is that they give an instant facelift when you pull your hair upwards. The braid gives a young and trendy vibe to the bun which is ideal when you pursue a younger-looking appearance. One of the best things is that this hairstyle is easy to get when you have medium to long hair. Just tie your hair in a high ponytail, braid it and twist it around, secure it with pins, hair spray, and, Voila, you mastered the braided bun and kicked a few years of your age in just a few minutes.

16. Angled Bob

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This fancy haircut has been popular for a long time, and be sure that it’s not going out of trend anytime soon. The fashion queen, Victoria Beckham rocked it and it became her signature look. The world went crazy, we are addicted to this style and we can’t get enough of it. This hairstyle compliments everyone with its slimming effects and radiates with grace and sophistication. Also, make sure you take into consideration the angled asymmetrical bob, a great option to step up your bob game when you want something even bolder and edgier. Don’t hesitate, jump on the bandwagon and enjoy it!

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