13 Weird Everyday Things From Other Countries

8. Shake your head, don’t nod in Sri Lanka

This has the potential to land you in serious trouble, or at the very least, spark a lot of confusion. Shaking your head left and right actually means yes, instead of no. Maybe it’s best to warm up those vocal chords and leave the head movements to the locals…

7. Don’t flush the toilet in Costa Rica

Costa Rican plumbing isn’t quite on the same level as ours. By all means flush the toilet after you do your business, but make sure the toilet paper goes in the trash can and not down the toilet otherwise you could find yourself guilty of a serious flooding problem. Yikes!

6. Enjoy your Canadian bagged milk

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There are many cultural differences between America and Canada, but the one which puzzled us the most was how normal bagged milk seemed to be. Yep, milk in a bag. Not a bottle or a carton; a bag! Let’s move on…

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