5 Surprising Benefits of Eating Irish Potato Every Day

5. Better Digestion

And finally, let’s talk digestion. Fiber is a huge part of healthy digestion because it adds bulk to stool and makes it easier to pass. So even though fiber is not directly digested, it supports healthy digestion by moving waste products through the system more easily.

Regular solid bowel movements assure us that our bodies are digesting food properly. Being regular also means less gas and bloating on a daily basis. That leads to greater overall comfort and a lower chance of an embarrassing eruption at the worst time. Social humiliation aside, eating plenty of fiber lowers your risk of colon cancer, too.

Potatoes deserve another look as a dietary staple and not just an occasional treat. Honestly, preparation is everything. Avoid French fries and potato chips and you’re golden. For the very best nutritional benefit, leave the skins on. That’s where a lot of the B vitamins, vitamin C, calcium, iron, potassium, and fiber are located.

Because potatoes are quite starchy, a good serving size is one cup. Irish potatoes are on the smaller side, so portion control is easy.

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