11 Perfectly Normal Things People Shouldn’t Be Ashamed Of

Haircuts and hair coloring at expensive salons

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I recently saw my neighbor: she looked stunning, as if she were 10 years younger. I didn’t understand what happened initially , on the other hand I realized: a replacement haircut and an unusual hair color had turned Ann into a noble lady. It clothed that on her 40th birthday, she visited the simplest hairstylist in town and spent tons of cash , but it had been worthwhile .

She told me how her relatives took the changes. At the party, everyone loved the hair and therefore the transformation, until they acknowledged what proportion it cost. Someone even said that they might live a month off this money.

Ann told me that she even felt a touch ashamed for a flash for spending such a lot money, on the other hand she walked past a mirror, saw her reflection, and understood: it had been her day, her money, her hair, and her life. you’ll do that sometimes. Nothing makes a lady look as great as a cheerful smile and feeling that she is attractive.

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