11 Perfectly Normal Things People Shouldn’t Be Ashamed Of

Defending your own rights

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My friends often say, “Why does one need to do this?” I just want to measure during a comfortable environment. this is often why I always have plastic bags for dog owners and that i always ask them to wash up after their pets. When I’m at a supermarket, I ask the cashier to sell the products at the worth that the worth tag said, less because “they forgot to vary the tags.”

When a boss that no-one argues with regularly causes you to stay late or work on the weekends (without paying you more, of course), I don’t think you ought to need to tolerate this. he’s stealing some time . Colleagues say that he’ll fire me, but I’m not a slave.

I’d preferably be an employee whose rights are respected, than be someone who is praised for working tirelessly for free of charge . I even have the proper to rest and do as I please. and that i decide to use of these rights.

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