11 Perfectly Normal Things People Shouldn’t Be Ashamed Of

Cleaning services

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When I was a toddler every Saturday started with cleaning up, which is why I always hated the sixth day of the week with all my heart. then , I lived alone for an extended time and that i did the cleaning only I felt love it . After I got married, I felt guilty because I wasn’t an honest wife: I didn’t clean the chandeliers more often than once a year.

At that time , i made a decision to call a cleaning service and left home for 4 hours. once I returned, i used to be shocked: the apartment was sparkling clean, and therefore the 2 ladies were smiling once they saw my face. I didn’t care about the cash : i might never get the place this clean even for 3 times the money I paid. Now, once a month, a cleaning service comes and cleans my apartment.

My husband was against it initially , “Can’t you are doing it yourself? My mom…” But when he saw the result, he realized it had been worthwhile . We didn’t tell his mom because we all know what her reaction would be.

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