Here are 7 sleep problems couples face and how to solve them

Sleeping with another person not only provides us with feelings of safety and security, bonding, and closeness, but it also has considerable health benefits, like lowering levels of cortisol or reducing inflammation. It’s a pleasant addition to the experience, all things considered.

Yet some people just seem sleep-incompatible. Opposing sleep cycles, snoring, blanket-hogging, and more are just obstacles that cause low cortisol levels. But let’s not hand over — there are many compromises we will make in terms of bed land .

It always pains us at the silver lining to ascertain relationships get ruined by minor issues. So we gathered some common problems that affect couples at bedtime and need to share them with you.

1. Blanket tug-of-war

Some sleepers are just not into blanket-sharing. You attend roll in the hay your relationship being 50/50, but subsequent thing you recognize , it’s freezing cold, you’re curled during a corner, and shivering. There’s no blanket left for you! It’s futile to undertake to tug it back since the hogging will just happen again. Despite the comical nature of the blanket controversy, it can actually stiffen your relationship and have a nasty impact on the standard of your sleep.

Solution: a much bigger bed and separate blankets will do the trick! this manner , both of you’ll have your own sleeping materials with no need for “stealing” from one another . Ask if your partner is comfortable in the dark — perhaps, they’re freezing, which is why they hog the covers such a lot .

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