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Why You Don’t Need Laxatives for Weight Loss or Colon Health

Digestive health is straightforward to take care of, and you do not need laxatives to take care of great colon health. By learning what your best proteins are, and mixing them in your genetic zone of eating, you’ll keep being happy healthy, and IBS free, even through adulthood.

Taking laxatives is dangerous for your health. Removing electrolytes from your body can damage your brain and cause seizures. Suppose you’re driving and have a seizure. this might make your life unnecessary.

Taking laxatives can have a rebound effect on your intestine and colon. Your intestine cannot absorb the nutrients your body needs, and therefore the colon will pack up naturally when it’s being told when to figure. this will cause a damaged colon which has got to be cut out and attached to your stomach with a colostomy bag to the surface for waste collection.

Taking laxatives causes your kidneys to pack up. once you remove all the water from your body through your colon, there’s no reason for the kidneys to figure, and that they can pack up, causing you to possess to travel on dialysis.

Lastly, taking laxatives can damage your heart. The balance must be maintained for healthy signaling and rhythmic beating. Removing all the electrolytes from your system damages this delicate balance.

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