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A Beginners Guide to Eye Makeup

Are you a self-proclaimed beginner in makeup?

There’s no shame therein, sister. We’ve all skilled that, not knowing what brush to use, where to use eyeshadow, including the because of blending properly. But don’t worry, we’ve got your back!

This makeup tutorial will help any beginner determine the thanks to attempt eye makeup correctly and beautifully from here on out.

Ready to learn some insider tips and tricks about eye makeup application?

Simple Eye Makeup Tips For Beginners

Eyeliner Tips

Eyeliner mayor won’t be a staple for you, but it’s one of the foremost basic steps of doing all of your eye makeup. It gives you the freedom to work on the shape of your eyes, emphasize them & fill in any sparse-looking lashes.

It depends on the feel of the eyeliner and your preference on how you’d wish to use this. clearly defined or smudged. it’s great either way.

Let’s take a fast inspect variety of the ideas and techniques for this step.

Step 1 :

Ensure your eyelids are clean then apply a primer on them, therefore the attention makeup doesn’t smudge and stays on for extended.

Step 2 :

To make your eyelashes look denser, apply the eyeliner as on the brink of the lashline as possible so it appears to be an area of your natural lash line. this is often often called tight-lining. Make a line from the outer to the inwards corner and connect the dots ”you can use a stiff slant brush to blend the dots out into a simple soft line”.

Step 3 :

Make sure the tip of your liner is thin but blunt to understand precision then you get the proper shape. you’ll also freeze your eyeliner before sharpening to remain it from crumbling.

Step 4 :

To accomplish the proper winged eyeliner, use a liquid liner – start on the lash line at the pupil and work your way towards the corners. If your hand isn’t steady enough for a liquid liner then the first line your eyes with a pencil liner, then trace over it alongside your liquid liner.

”If you’re during a rush, you would like to only skip the liquid liner in your best interest!”

Step 5 :

To accomplish a smoky eye, choose a pencil liner as these tend to be softer and creamier. Also, you’ll smudge it out employing a smudging brush for that effortlessly cool smoky eye.

Step 6 :

As you age, choose more subtle colors like brown for a more elegant look and apply mascara to complement the simple look.

Note: Always tilt your confront and appearance down as you apply eyeliner, Doing this ensures you achieve symmetry.

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