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7 Things which will Cause Lower Back Pain and the way to Avoid Them

4. You’re sleeping on the wrong pillow.


When you’re sleeping on a pillow that’s too big, you’ll love the comfy feeling but hate the resulting back pain. Most pillows put your head in an unnatural position, which puts pressure on your neck and spine, causing pain and poor sleep. If you can’t imagine sleeping without a pillow, find one that adjusts to your own measurements, and put another one between or under your knees. These sleeping positions are proven to alleviate the strain placed on your spine.

5. You’re washing dishes the wrong way.

Bending over your sink while washing the dishes puts pressure on your lower back, causing muscles during this area to strain. once you maintain this position for a couple of minutes, you would possibly be hurting your back on a day today. To avoid straining your lower back, put one leg on a little stool. this may assist you to regulate your posture and keep you from stretching your back.

6. You take the stairs often.

While rising and downstairs is usually considered a healthy habit, it’s not the simplest thanks to staying fit if you’ve got existing low back pain. If you suffer from knee or back pain, it’s better to consult your doctor before using the steps as to how to exercise more.

7. You’re reading in bed.

The habit of reading a couple of pages of your favorite book before you attend sleep can cause stiffness in your shoulders and back. once we recline while reading in bed, it causes tension within the spine and muscles within the lower back, which results in pain. If reading a book before getting to sleep helps you relax after a busy day, invest in a chair with good spinal support.

Do you have any of those habits? does one know of the other ways to alleviate back pain?


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