We’ve all met them…those natural beauties. There’s just something about them that you simply can’t quite put your finger on. Everyone loves them, then do you…but you quite like to hate them also.

How does she radiate beauty so effortlessly?

Why is everyone so drawn to her?

Is it good luck genetics and long dark hair?…or maybe it’s Maybelline? 😛

Whether she knows it or not, she probably implements tons of those tips below. While a number of them are easier said than done, they’re something we ALL can work towards with gorgeous results. You’ll find a mix of inner and outer beauty tips to assist you transform yourself inside and out.

Everyone step aside, it’s your address be the head-turner.


JANUARY 31, 2019

Everyone focuses on weight loss. New diets, hours within the gym…it’s tons of work! What about your posture?!? have you ever ever stopped to believe how dramatically you’ll change the way you look by how you stand?

Slumped shoulders and poor posture adds pounds and lacks confidence. Shoulders back and a head held high oozes confidence and skill. My Grandma wont to remind us of this all the time (which is quite funny looking back on it).

She wont to tell us to pretend someone was holding us up by a string.

We want to roll our eyes as kids. I now can see that the way she held herself said tons about who she was. She was a determined difference maker and you’ll sense that by the way, she carried herself.

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