How To Apply Mascara Like A Pro (Best Beginner’s Tutorial)

Step 1: Start With Clean Eyes And Lashes

Ensure the lashes don’t have any trace of makeup. A clean base is usually good to stop clumping.

Step 2: Curl Your Lashes

Look straight and hold the lash curler at the bottom of your eyelashes (but not too close). Now, look down and gently press the eyelashes. roll in the hay thrice as you progress up towards the tip of your lashes.

Hack: differently to twist your lashes is to put your index at the bottom of your lashes, look down, and hold them for six seconds. do that if you’re uncomfortable using eyelash curlers.

Step 3: Start From The Middle

Open the mascara tube and wipe off the surplus product on the applicator. Look straight at the mirror and place the applicator at the bottom of your lashes. Move the applicator upwards to coat your eyelashes from the bottom to the tip. you’ll “wiggle” the applicator to make sure it coats the eyelashes uniformly.

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