How To Apply Mascara Like A Pro (Best Beginner’s Tutorial)

The Final Look

Enjoy the long and full lashes that give an illusion of false eyelashes!

This mascara application technique works well for the upper lashes. But what about the lower lashes? Well, we’ve you covered! Here’s a fast tutorial on applying mascara to the lower lashes perfectly. Scroll down.

How To Apply Mascara On The Lower Lashes (With Pictures)

The lower lashes tend to be shorter, finer, and sparser than the upper lashes. it’s difficult to follow an equivalent mascara application technique without smudging or transferring the merchandise. Here’s a simple tutorial on the way to apply mascara to the lower lashes sort of a pro.

Step 1: Place A Tissue

Tilt your head down and look straight in the mirror. Place a tissue under your lower lashes to protect the under-eye area.

Step 2: Start From The Middle

Wipe off the excess mascara and apply it to the middle portion of your lower lashes.

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