The best way to strengthen brittle nails to keep them healthy

Dry, brittle nails are often caused by many things, from frequent gel manicures to dehydration. Here are a couple of ways to offer your nail some much-needed TLC if they are not as strong as you’d like.

One easy thanks to strengthening your nails are to use cuticle oil a day. “To have strong nails, they have to be healthy – and to be healthy, they have to be hydrated,” Ama Quashie, session manicurist and founding father of Ama salon, told Elle.

Cuticle oil works by hydrating the cuticle and nail bed, which is why it’s such a crucial step in nail care, whether you’re growing your nails or just want them to seem their best.” you’ll buy bottles of cuticle oil in most beauty stores or use plain jojoba oil instead.

Being gentle together with your nails also will help. Use a soft nail file rather than a glass one to stop tearing your nails when tending to them. you ought to also switch to an acetone-free nail enamel remover, which can still get the work avoided drying out your nail beds.

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