The Truth About Snacking and Weight Loss

Most people have a snack at some point during the day. consistent with research wiped out in 2015 by Mintel, a marketing research firm, 94% of USA citizens snack daily. While that percentage might sound high, if you define a snack as any food eaten outside of breakfast, lunch, or dinner, it’s pretty easy to recollect the last time you ate one. Conventional diet wisdom says that to lose or maintain weight, snacking frequently throughout the day may be a must. Though there’s some science to support this concept, there’s even as much to point out it’s unnecessary and will have a negative effect on weight. Even dietitians are somewhat split on the difficulty.

Like many aspects of nutrition, there’s no clear-cut answer on whether snacking is sweet or bad, but there are some factors that will assist you to decide whether it’ll be useful in reaching your goals.

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