4 Home Remedies for Blackheads That Actually Work

We might be ready to forgive blackheads if they weren’t so stubborn. But without the assistance of a talented esthetician, trying to urge obviate those annoying little spots is usually a vicious cycle: It seems like you actually need to scrub at them (or pull them out with a pore strip) so as to filter out the gunk, but that harsh exfoliation isn’t doing you any favors either—in fact, it’s going to worsen the difficulty. Fun, right? But before resorting to the large guns (i.e., hardcore chemical treatments or prescription creams), we thought it wouldn’t hurt to undertake a couple of home remedies for blackheads we have seen floating around the internet—many of which are labeled as “the ONLY thing that has EVER worked” or something thereto hyperbolic effect. True or false? you will have to stay reading to seek out out.

Lemon Juice Salt Scrub
Deven Hopp, Beauty Director: “I’m typically not a lover of physical exfoliation (glycolic acid all the way), so I used to be a touch intimidated by this salt scrub recipe, which involves a tablespoon of sea salt, a teaspoon of lemon, and a teaspoon of water. I ended up adding more water thereto to form the scrub less gritty and cut the juice a tad. I used to be expecting the mixture to irritate my sensitive skin, but thankfully it didn’t. it had been a touch messy, but I need to admit it felt nice and my skin felt baby soft after rinsing.

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