Hair Gloss, This Stranger! What It Is, What I Tried, What I Liked, And What I Didn’t!

Hi girls! Do you know hair in ads? Super shiny, silky, almost reflective, full of sparkling shades? Well, those probably don’t exist and to have them you need Photoshop, but that’s the idea of ​​the ‘ glossy ‘ effect. If we want to give a real example: just think of Kate Middleton. Here: after years and years in which the Hair Gloss has remained a secret product reserved for the hairdresser’s hands, it has finally appeared on the shelves of shops accessible to us mere mortals.

But if the treatment in the salon has always been a kind of magic for me  (very soft, shiny hair, with a full and bright color) … are we sure it’s the same with ‘do-it-yourself’ products?

But then: what the hell is the hair loss? For all this: read the post!

Before and after: understand the difference?

Hair gloss is very famous in America, but for some time it has also been heard about in Italy. It is a hair treatment capable of reviving hair reflections and strengthening brittle or dry hair, revitalizing the entire hair, making it very soft, and canceling the hateful electrostatic effect! 

Put the lights in there too, but there is a difference!

The five characteristics that differentiate the hair gloss from the traditional color (and some photos before and after!)!

1) does not contain ammonia

Anna Kendrick goes from a dull caramel color to a beautiful full golden brown, shiny and rich in reflections. 
In one word: hair gloss!

First of all, the hair gloss does not contain ammonia,  as it does not penetrate the hair acting aggressively. On the contrary, in fact, the reflecting silk effect is obtained with a very acid composition which therefore closes the hair cuticles (instead of opening them and penetrating them like traditional colors). Did you understand why the old post shampoo wrap trick with water, vinegar, and lemon works?

2) exists neutral or colored

Natalie Portman also glossed herself over

Since the hair gloss then serves to revive the reflections and in general to make the color less flat, there are various colors to ‘match’ with your color (or the natural color of your hair).

3) it is easy to apply

There is no need to treat the strands one at a time: it comes in either a cream or a mousse and is applied like a mask. No need for gloves, combs, etc.! Easy and fast!

) it is not permanent and does not need maintenance

Bonnie Wright aka Ginny Weasley, for an elegant occasion, wears a shiny and soft bob (or a 
faux bob? ), But in everyday life, like everyone else, she has more stressed and dull hair! 
There is the zamapino of something: the hair gloss!

The effect of the hair gloss does not last as long as that of the tint for the reasons explained above. Those that can be done at home actually the gloss effect washes away at once (maximum two). Officially, that of the hairdresser should have a duration of up to 6 weeks. Sure it is that it fades by itself and has no regrowth problems etc. Among other things, it does not interact with other possible colors if you decide to change color!

5) nourishes and revitalizes the hair

Cheryl Cole, therefore a little crisp on one side and shiny and ‘glossy’ on the other

The hair gloss is not just coloring, it is first of all a treatment: it makes the hair soft and silky, it eliminates the frizz and the ‘straw-colored’ tips that often accompany us in late summer, and cancels electrostaticIf of good quality it makes the hair look healthy and shiny!

Ok, now that I’ve made you want to try, I’ll tell you what I felt! And I warn you: there are sensational flops!



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