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A Classic: French Manicure

A french manicure is timeless and can make your fingers look longer which may be a nice bonus. it is also office friendly even for the foremost corporate environments. it is a natural looking nail with the ideas painted with white varnish.

Some people prefer to paint the white varnish straight on top of a transparent base, while others use nude nail enamel over the whole nail. Essie Ballet Slippers may be a very fashionable one for this.

There are french manicure stickers that you simply can stick a touch below the free fringe of your nail, right where you would like the white section to start out. It makes creating a crisp white like much easier! Or if you’re feeling adventurous, replace the white with contrasting neon color, or maybe black.

Don’t forget a glossy top coat to boost your french manicure to subsequent level!

Geometric Stamping

If you’re after something more vivid than the french manicure, nail stamping may be a great way to urge yourself started with nail art. Stamping means transferring designs from metal stamping plates to nails employing a stamper. And it’s really fun!

For short nails, geometric stamping works best, as you’ll not have enough space for a cutesy drawing or other non-repeating designs. But experiment to ascertain what you wish best!

Some combinations that employment great on short nails are gold stamping over a blue background, silver on black or red, and even a bar of silver or gold glittery stamp over a nude polish base.

You will need a touch of kit here, but nothing too expensive. Nail stamping kits usually include one or more stamping plates, a stamper, and a scraper (or you’ll use an old Mastercard for it). it’s going to take some practice to find out the way to perfectly lift the planning from the plate and stamp it on the nail but the results are salon-worthy.

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