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10 Adorable and Simple Valentine’s Day Nail Designs

Red and pink nail polish
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If you have leftover red nail polish from the holidays, Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to put it to use. Red is synonymous with the romantic holiday, making it an ideal choice for festive nail art. While red and pink are popular choices, there are plenty of creative ways to incorporate them into your manicure,

from heart shapes to French tips to glitter or matte finishes. Red and pink nail polish

This selection of Valentine’s Day nail designs offers inspiration for everyone, whether you’re celebrating love or embracing singlehood.

From classic polish to intricate nail art techniques using crystals, jelly polish, and gold foil, there’s something for every style.

In addition to traditional symbols of love like hearts and kisses, there are also options for those feeling a little less romantic, such as designs featuring melting or broken hearts.

Whether you’re DIY-ing your nails at home or heading to a salon, these adorable and creative ideas will help you showcase your Valentine’s Day spirit.

So, whether you’re in love or not, get ready to swoon over these charming manicure ideas. Red and pink nail polish

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1. 3D bubble hearts

Megan Fox was ahead of the game for Valentine’s Day this year when she requested a delightful bubble manicure from her trusted nail artist, Brittney Boyce.

According to Boyce, achieving this look at home is simple. She advises starting with a base coat, followed by two layers of your preferred nude polish, then topping it off with a clear coat and allowing it to dry for approximately 20 minutes. Once your nails are dry, you can attach the 3D nail charms using glue.

Boyce utilized Daily Charme’s Iridescent Bubble Hearts, which are available in a 30-pack for just $5. To ensure the charms stay in place, she recommends applying another layer of topcoat to seal the edges after the glue has completely dried.

2. Magnetic shimmer hearts

Valentine’s Day presents the perfect opportunity to showcase your allure, and this manicure does just that. Nail artist Aistė Haas utilized a magnetic gel polish along with a clever technique:

“To create the heart shape, use a cylindrical magnet and a small paper clip,” she advises. It’s important to ensure the clip is twisted but not overly so,

and that it’s of appropriate length. “Hold it close to the polished nail for a few seconds until it begins to form into a heart shape.

” Prefer to use traditional nail polish? KBShimmer offers a variety of options, such as the Just a Phase Multichrome Polish. Alternatively, if you prefer to skip the DIY aspect, there are pre-made heart-shaped magnets available. Red and pink nail polish

3. Neon heart squiggles

Manicurist Elle Gerstein perfectly captured the ’80s aesthetic with the neon effect of this subtly romantic manicure. If you’re not confident in achieving a gel look at home,

Gerstein suggests asking your nail technician to apply a matte topcoat over black polish and then drawing heart-shaped squiggles with your preferred shade of gel polish. (Gerstein recommends V Pure Beauty Jelly Gel Polish.) “You can also add white highlights using a thin brush,

” Gerstein suggests, noting, “Another option is to use glow-in-the-dark powder for a manicure that glows at night.” Now, if only you could make it flicker like a neon sign to sync with your heartbeat. Red and pink nail polish

4. Burgundy broken heart

For a broken heart design, soft pastel colors just don’t convey the right emotion. Instead, opt for a deep,

moody shade like the gel polish chosen by nail artist Paula R. for this simple yet striking manicure. A great traditional alternative is CND Vinylux Long Wear Nail Polish in Decadence.

Use the polish’s built-in brush to form the heart shape at the tip of the accent nail. “While the polish is still wet, use an orange stick or toothpick to outline or create the heartbreak lines,” suggests Paula. “If the lines aren’t crisp enough, dipping the stick in acetone can help.”

5. Gold-dipped

We’re introducing our preferred type of manicure: it appears highly professional yet is simple to replicate at home with the right tools.

Nail artist Tessa initiated the process with a layer of her preferred sheer base polish, Orly’s Rose-Colored Glasses. Then, she applied a partial layer of Kinno gold foil flakes,

aiming for an abstract and irregular appearance. Following that, she utilized a heart stamper to incorporate a combination of white and red hearts before completing the look with a glossy topcoat. This design is ideal for those who struggle with freehand painting.

6. Ace of hearts

Nail artist Betina Goldstein cleverly evokes the notion of love being akin to a game of chance with this nail design inspired by a deck of cards.

Using a timeless red polish, she meticulously painted the numbers and suits, creating a design that is instantly recognizable. An added bonus: this design can easily be repurposed for events like the World Series of Poker.

7. Half-moon kiss

For those who struggle to remove their holiday-themed nail art once the festivities are over,

consider trying Miss Pop’s Valentine’s design. Using a striping brush, the nail artist delicately painted pink and purple kisses on a delicate pink base,

leaving a sheer half-moon that will gradually transition into a waxing moon as your nails grow. You can confidently keep this manicure intact until St. Patrick’s Day rolls around.

8. Bejeweled flowers

If you’re not tired of heart-themed nail art yet, you might be after browsing through this collection. However, for those seeking an equally romantic and charming alternative that doesn’t feel overly repetitive,

consider trying this effortlessly beautiful floral manicure. “Begin with a sheer base,” advises artist Emily Zheng. Then, select the color you’d like to use for the petals. (Zheng opted for Ella + Mila Nail Polish in Kiss Kiss.) “Using a dotting tool or even a bobby pin, create a flower on each nail using five dots,

but vary their placement,” she explains. Finally, add a gem sticker to the center of each flower and seal the design with two layers of clear topcoat.

9. Bleeding hearts

If you’re experiencing intense emotional pain or have a strong desire to reject the entire notion of Valentine’s Day,

Heather’s Bleeding Hearts nail design might be just what you need. Using Gel Bottle Inc’s Teddy (a soft pink-nude shade) and Laceleaf (a vibrant red), she hand-painted this adaptable look.

It’s suitable for individuals in the passionate stages of a new relationship as well as those grappling with feelings of heartbreak and disillusionment.

10. Festive French

In addition to complementing a Valentine’s Day cake pop wonderfully,

this reversible French manicure (not to be confused with a reverse French,

which will be discussed later) is the perfect option for when you adore two colors equally. Begin by applying two base coats, alternating between shades for one or a few accent nails. Savanna Galvan, a nail technician at Bellacures nail salon in Los Angeles,

explains: “Once dry, use a detail brush to apply a thin,

red tip to the edge of the nail, staying close to the edge and following the nail’s shape.” After nails have dried, use the opposite color on the ring finger.

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