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The services of lash artists are getting more and more popular and if you spend 30 twinkles on a boardwalk, you’ll see a lot of women with eyelash extensions. The demand for these services is high, so there are a lot of lash artists, but can we trust all of them?

1. Can you use mascara on lash extensions?

Indeed after getting eyelash extensions, occasionally you want to punctuate your eyes to make the effect more dramatic. According to experts, you can use makeup on fake eyelashes, but you need to take several effects into account

2. What should you use to remove makeup?

Still, it’s better to wash your face with water and water- grounded beauty products, If you have eyelash extensions. They don’t remove makeup as fast as special gels, but they won’t dissolve the cement used to fix the switches moreover.

3. Can you remove eyelash extensions by yourself?

Not every woman goes to a lash artist to have her fake eyelashes removed. Also, there are times when there’s no artist around( like perhaps when you’re on holiday). You can remove fake eyelashes by yourself, but don’t do the following effects

4. Do you need an eyelash fixer?

Whip artists frequently try to vend this to their guests, telling them that it’ll increase the lifetime of their fake switches. Of course, they do it because they get a commission from dealing with the product. But let’s check and see if this fixer is really that important.

We were attracted by the protective features of this product. In proposition, it’s supposed to cover the switches from outside factors. But on the other hand, the effect will only last until you wash your face for the first time. So, it’s over to you to decide if you need this product or not.

5. Can eyelash extensions harm your vision?

This is a delicate question. Endured lash artists claim that there’s no similar threat. And eye croakers
say that they regularly have to deal with the consequences of fake eyelashes.

6. What should every lash artist have in their office?

We hope that our compendiums aren’t going to have a procedure in a place with fungus on the walls and dirt far and wide, but there are also some other effects you need to keep an eye on

7. Why do some lashes not last very long?

Occasionally, it’s the customer’s fault that the switches start falling out presto.

8. Could it be the artist’s fault that you start losing eyelashes?

9. What words from a lash artist should alarm you?

According to lash artists themselves, some artists may try to hide their poor chops behind these popular defenses

still, run-down, If a lash artist says that your switches are too short and that they’ve to stick the fake switches to the skin.
still, they’re a bad artist, If the switches look asymmetrical and the artist says that it’s because your eyes are naturally asymmetrical and that a better result on your face would be insolvable. Their job is to make it look like your eyelids are as symmetrical as possible.
Also, if you find that your switches have started to peel off veritably fast and the artist blames you right down. veritably frequently, they say that you slept with your face on the pillow( which is hard to argue with because you can’t control yourself in your sleep). It’s hard to sleep so that the switches are pinched so important that they peel off.

10. When is the best time to get eyelash extensions?

The salons that do these procedures also have their peak demand ages and bad seasons.

The smallest prices are generally from the middle of fall to the middle of downtime( especially during Christmas leaves). This is when there are a lot of free lagniappes and abatements.
The peak demand is from May through September. This is when the prices are the loftiest.
Do you get eyelash extensions? If yes, tell us how you chose your first eyelash artist and whether you were happy with the results.

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