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Hair color is our identity and when we change it, we can come to a different person. You may want to go lighter because you incontinently feel the appetite to be in the limelight, or you may wish to go darker because you want to try out the look of a fatal beauty. Some people are just not hysterical about radically changing their look and trying out the most unusual and audacious colors to feel like a beautiful raspberry. occasionally, we want to experiment without leaving our homes and, for us, nothing seems insolvable.

1. Buy a home hair dye kit and prepare your hair.

A basic hair dye kit includes:

Don’t use a sense outfit for mixing and storing the coloring substance, only plastic. Essence coliseums or essence clips can oxidize the color and the color may not show up at all. Also, using an essence outfit may lead to dangerous chemical responses.

Always wear gloves to avoid stains on your skin, which are hard to remove. Also, flashback that your hair color can contain constituents that beget skin vexation or an antipathetic response, so try to not expose your skin too important to these substances.

To prepare your hair for the procedure, you might want to stop washing it at least 24 hours beforehand so that the natural canvases on your crown can cover your hair from the bleach and harsh chemicals in the color. Another thing you should avoid is using your heating tools for at least 1 week previous since they could beget damage and blankness, and we want our hair to be as healthy as possible to combat the damage the procedure may beget.

2. When buying hair dye, don’t trust the model on the box.

Of course, the models on the boxes look beautiful, but this is just a picture to turn your attention toward the brand. Your real friend is the color map on the rear side or on the bottom of the box. Also, the number on the box is helpful, as each color has its own law, conforming to the main tone and a hue combined together. The first number ranges from 1- 10, with 1 being the darkest and 10 being the lightest.

The inventor in at-home endless colorings is veritably strong — stronger than the bones used in the salon by generally 20- 30 — so it lifts the color and makes it lighter than what you see on the box. Be sure you choose vol 10 inventor if you don’t want to get lighter than one shade and vol 20 inventor to lift 1- 2 tones.

3. Buy 2 boxes of hair dye.

Still, you’ll need at least 2 boxes of hair color, If your hair is medium length or longer. Also, if you have roots to deal with, you’ll need further substance to insure better content and an indeed color subsequently. either, there’s nothing worse than running out half through.

4. Always perform an allergy test 48 hours before dyeing your hair.

To avoid any impacts on your health, you should always perform a patch test before using any multicolored color. Ignoring this important rule may lead to severe consequences. occasionally our body can develop disinclinations to effects we’ve used numerous times in the history, indeed if we noway used to have them.

still, it’s stylish to wash the product off and communicate with your croaker, If you have a response while you’re at home.

5. Be careful with bleach.

As you presumably formerly know, bleach isn’t stylish for your hair. occasionally, to be suitable to achieve a specific color, you’ll need to bleach your hair several times, and it’s a procedure that can take weeks. That’s why it’s better to ask a professional to do the hard work than to end up with jelly hair.

6. Don’t skip the strand test.

Though bypassing this step is tempting, the beachfront test is crucial, especially when trying out a new shade. Color may be trimmed or hidden hairs first, and also look at the result before you commit. A common horror story from women who didn’t do this hair that turned green or hot pink.

To do the test, you have to pick a 1/ 4- inch-thick beachfront of hair, rather from the nethermost part of your head, so that if effects go awry you can hide it fluently. 

also, bepaint it as you would typically do, and flashback to using defensive gloves. However, also you can start the dyeing process If the hair color is what you wanted.

Still, use baking soda pop or toothpaste that contains baking soda pop, and mix it with water, If your skin gets colored after a hair dyeing procedure.

7. Don’t be in a hurry to apply your hair dye immediately. Evaluate your hair’s condition first.

Before you start coloring your hair at home, damaged hair needs to be precisely treated. You need to spend many weeks cockering your hair and strengthening it with hair masks and conditioners.

We set up good tips so that you can know if your hair is ready for color. According to a color specialist, you can take a beachfront of hair and hold it with your fritters, and also put a drop of water onto it.

However, this is bad news, as your hair cuticle is compromised and too damaged to be bepainted If your hair absorbs the water in lower than 10 seconds.

Still, try visiting a professional colorist, If you do the test but you’re still not sure if your hair is healthy enough for color. It’s better to be sure than to damage all your hair.

Still, the end color after you bepaint your hair may be uneven, and the yellow will still be visible If your hair is blanched and you have an unheroic tone on your roots. 

Look at your hair in nonage prints. This will help you determine how your hair will reply to certain colors.

However, your hair will probably reply with a warmer color now, If your hair was a warmer color( honey golden or analogous). also, if your hair was a cooler color( ash golden, brunette), your hair will probably have cooler undertones when you bepaint it now.

8. Evaluate your current hair color before coloring.

Still, you can try a dip color system, If you want to arouse up your blanched ends. It’s veritably easy to do at home you just dip the ends of your hair into your color admixture.

Still, you can try a pictorialsemi-permanent tone to change your image without damaging your hair( compared to an endless hair color treatment), If your hair is blanched.

Still, both demi-endless and semi-permanent won’t do, as they contain little to no peroxide and can not lift the hair color If your roots are formerly visible and make a huge discrepancy.

9. Your hair color will look different in different lighting.

Under artificial light, your hair color may look further vibrant and the tinges will be more exposed. Under natural light, your color will be less pictorial and the tinges won’t appear that bright. Flashback to this when choosing the tone of your hair color.

Still, make your choice grounded on prints the druggies take under different lightning to be suitable to picture the result fully, If you choose your hair color by reading reviews on the internet.

10. Don’t experiment with radical changes in color at home.

Going from brunette to golden may bear several procedures of bleaching, which will oppressively damage your hair.


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