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9. Rice water

Rice water can make your hair stronger and repair damaged hair, while also protecting it from future damage. Here’s how you’ll make it:

Rinse and strain 1 cup of rice.
Put it during a bowl and add 1 cup of water. Mix it until the water becomes cloudy.
Strain the rice, keeping the water.
Let the rice water sit for 12 to 24 hours, which can allow the vitamins and minerals in it to return out.
After you’ve washed your hair as you normally would, pour the rice water onto your hair.
Let it sit for two to five minutes, then wash it off.

10. Milk

Applying milk to your hair can provide it with healthy vitamins and proteins and it can make your hair stronger and softer.

Mix some milk, honey, strawberries, and bananas together.
Apply the mixture together with your hands or, if the consistency allows it, use a sprig bottle.
Keep it on for 20 to half-hour , then wash it off.
Do you prefer store-bought to DIY beauty products? have you ever ever done similar masks? Were you cheerful with the results?


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