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The “no-makeup” trend, or makeup with a no-makeup look, seeks to spotlight our features and wonder during a natural way, using only a couple of products, moderate tones, and without investing tons of your time . We believe it’s an excellent option for everyday use for ladies who aren’t very into “a full face” of makeup. It’s also an excellent option for people that aren’t experts in very advanced makeup techniques. one among its hottest promoters is Bobbi Brown, who has done makeup for celebrities like Katie Holmes, Scarlett Johansson, and Sienna Miller.

he beauty here compiled several of Bobbi Brown’s tips for achieving beautiful, natural-looking makeup without having to take a position tons of your time in it and without having special tools — actually , in many cases, you’ll even use your fingers for better results.

1. Keep your skin moisturized at all times.

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If you would like to urge a natural and delightful look, even when wearing some makeup, Bobbi Brown suggests that you simply start by really discovering what the requirements of your facial skin are. does one suffer from dull skin? Is it dry or oily? does one have combination skin? Her advice is to stay your skin moisturized in the least times with a cream that’s specially made for your skin type. additionally , she always stresses the importance of taking care of yourself from the within also , not just from the surface . to urge well-moisturized skin, you’ll even have to drink many water.

2. Choose a foundation that is similar to your skin tone (face and body).

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You might consider this as a reasonably obvious tip, but still, a touch reminder won’t hurt anyone. Sometimes, some people might choose a color that’s not the proper color for his or her skin. once you do this , the inspiration layer is definitely noticeable and sometimes even your neck looks as if it’s a special shade.

Bobbi Brown says that foundation shouldn’t change the color of your skin, it should simply even it out. to form sure you’re using the foundation the right way, the primary thing you ought to do is to prevent testing it on your hand before buying it. Instead, you would possibly also just test it on your face directly. That way you’ll tell if it’s right or not. If it “disappears” or “blends” together with your complexion, it’s the proper one. When choosing, avoid foundations with pink pigments, because they appear less natural. Try going for those with yellow pigments.

3. Do not use concealer to cover imperfections

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Bobbi Brown rarely pulls out the word “never.” But now she wants to warn you to NEVER use your under-eye concealer to hide any imperfection on your skin. That’s because, usually, this product is lighter, and rather than hiding the detail you’re trying to camouflage, this causes you to highlight it. So it’s better to use a concealer that’s specially created to hide imperfections on the face like spots, pimples, or redness. Don’t forget to form sure it’s appropriate for your skin tone a bit like she explained earlier with the inspiration. Concealer should be applied right after foundation and maybe diffused by simply using your fingers.

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