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15 Hairstyles That Take 10 Years Off Your Age

15 Hairstyles That Take 10 Years Off Your Age
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Are you trying to find hairstyles that can make you seem younger and remove years from your face? Yes, you are correct—all you need is a nice haircut and complementary hair color to seem younger than your true age. Take a peek at these 15 hairstyles that may reverse your age by giving your hair more volume and depth!

What Haircuts Make You Look Younger

What then causes a lady to appear younger? A lovely grin and a positive attitude. Joking aside, a person’s haircut matters too. The style, length, and color that best suits your complexion should all be taken into account when choosing a haircut to make you appear younger. Your greatest facial characteristics, such as your eyes, cheekbones, or strong brows that instantly add years to your face, are accentuated by the perfect hairdo.

What advice do hairdressers give? They typically recommend to their customers that they chop off a few inches or at least add some layers, think about getting young bangs or fringe, and, of course, change the color of their hair with a new shade, highlights, or dimensional lowlights.

15 Trendy Hairstyles That Can Make You Look Younger

Thus, you may select from these 15 incredible hairstyles to seem as young and gorgeous as ever. Prepare to take notes and screenshots!

Ice-blonde hair color with side-swept bangs. As we age, our facial features may get stronger and more defined, and having limp hair does not assist this. Layers and side-swept bangs keep your hair from falling flat. Furthermore, this hue is striking enough to attract attention away from your facial flaws.

2. Blonde Hair Color to Look Younger

The blonde balayage looks so exquisite on this shoulder-length hair! You can always ask your stylist to add layers to frame your face and give that oomph. What highlights make you look younger? There is no single 100% working option for all women. You need to consult a hair colorist and find your own formula.

3. Golden Blonde Balayage on Short Hair with Soft Curls.

 The variety of blonde shades is giving more dimension to the look. The richness of the hair color makes the locks pop. Soft curls are also a foolproof youthful hair hack.

4. Messy Salt-and-Pepper Pixie

The best way to rock your wavy salt-and-pepper hair is to cut it into a trendy longer pixie that is also sometimes called the ‘bixie’ or pixie bob cut. Don’t forget to ask your stylist to give you a messy look for that striking volume. If you want a bit of color, you can tone your gray pixie purple.

5. Honey Blonde Lob with Piece-y Bangs

If you want to look younger, this delicate hair color will fit you perfectly. Add youthful bangs to it in case you have a high forehead. The no-bangs variation of this haircut can draw attention to forehead wrinkles.

6. Unnatural Hair Color and Trendy Curtain Bangs

This length of hair adds great volume and dimension, and, when paired with beautiful hues of pastel pink, you instantly get glowing skin. Throw in trendy curtain bangs as a cherry on top, and see how youthful you appear without going too bold.

7. Silver Undercut Bob Hairstyle

Silver hair color is low-maintenance for senior women as it blends seamlessly with gray strands. Also, this textured haircut adds a vibe of youthfulness. Your hairstylist will be more than happy to perform it for you.

8. Edgy Layers with Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs beautifully shape the face and emphasize the eyes. No wonder why we see the boom of the curtain bangs trend. With this edgy layered hairdo, they get the power to create amazing texture and movement to make you look younger.

9. ‘Look-Younger’ Highlights with Beachy Waves

 These blonde face-framing highlights around the face are keeping the depth underneath to make the blonde color pop. Beachy waves will further give dimension to the hair and add texture even to limp, and otherwise flat hair.

10. Sleek Gray Hair with Outward Layers

How to look youthful with gray hair? Gray hair is on-trend, but a lot of women have a fear that they may look older than they are. In fact, if done with a great haircut, your gray strands will shine through. Add outwarded layers and enjoy the volume and beauty of healthy hair.

11. Side-Parted Pixie-Bob with Layers

Does short hair make you look younger? Yes, it can work miracles. A chin-length bob with bangs swept to a side always delivers the illusion of fullness. If your hair is thin, just layer it up. This will give your hair more volume making you appear youthful and fresh.

12. Short Anti-Aging Hairstyle with Curls

Short hair is a popular choice among older women. No wonder, as with short hair, you can emphasize the fullness at the bottom. And, if you add voluminous curls, they will add life to your flat straight hair, accentuating your cheekbones and beautiful smile. Remember the trick: if you want to look younger, learn how to create flirty curls!

13. Messy Modern Bob with Baby Bangs

 Do bangs make you look younger? This photo shows the answer and no other words are needed! The hairstylist also cut the model’s hair shorter. There is a reason why many women choose short hair instead of long tresses with age. It works as a non-surgical facelift. It frames the face and accentuates your best facial features along with a lift-up effect.

14. Platinum Blonde Bob with Trendy Badass Bangs

 This sleek bob cut in a platinum blonde shade gives a modish and classy touch to the whole look. The thick bangs deliver a sassy vibe.

15. Gray Pixie Haircut with Undercut

 Adding an explicit hair texture plays an important role in making you look youthful. This pixie cut gives a visually fuller look to your hair and the texture distracts attention from the wrinkles.


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