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20 Women Who Ditched Beauty Stereotypes, and It Made Us Scream “You Go Girl”

Charming faces are everywhere and although 92% of women say that ladies shouldn’t feel pressured to vary the way they appear , it’s hard to not attempt to look the way society wants us to. for instance , research has shown that a 3rd of women won’t post a selfie without a filter. 1. “I’ve […]

A 1-Minute Japanese Exercise to Remove Wrinkles Around the Eyes

Shiatsu is one of the only massages you’ll do to yourself, and it can pose great benefits to your health and overall well-being. Its effects are believed to be both preventative and remedial, and whether you are doing it to alleviate stress or joint pain or to form the skin on your face to look […]

Can Your Lips Get Sunburned Too?

Just like the other part of your body, your lips are vulnerable to sunburn. While many prefer to prioritize their arms, shoulders, and cheeks when applying SPF, the lips are literally the foremost sensitive part of the body and are therefore more susceptible to sunburn and other skin damage. Compared with the remainder of your […]