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Just like the other part of your body, your lips are vulnerable to sunburn. While many prefer to prioritize their arms, shoulders, and cheeks when applying SPF, the lips are literally the foremost sensitive part of the body and are therefore more susceptible to sunburn and other skin damage.

Compared with the remainder of your face, the lips have a lower concentration of melanin and fewer layers of skin,” Dr. Adeline Kikam, a board-certified dermatologist in South Texas, told Glamour.

As a result, the lips are a reasonably common area of the face where people develop carcinoma, especially the lower or bottom lip (via Good Housekeeping). That’s because your lower lip is directly facing the sun overhead, which suggests that it’s more likely to urge sunburned than your upper lip.

However, that does not necessarily mean that the upper lip is spared. you ought to protect both your upper and lower lips by regularly applying ointment with an SPF of 30 or higher.

How to treat sunburned lips

If your lips get sunburned, they’ll become red and swollen and can feel tender to the touch. counting on the severity of the sunburn, blisters may even form on your lips (via Healthline).

Since sunburns are often quite painful and uncomfortable, you will need to treat them with a spread of cooling and healing ointments and other various remedies. as an example, you’ll treat your sunburn by applying burn plants to your lips.

burn plant may be a soothing gel that comes from the leaves of the aloe plant. it’s commonly wont to relieve sunburns and is sold at most drugstores and pharmacies.

You can also use moisturizer to treat your sunburned lips. Creams like CeraVe and Vanicream can help soothe your lips while they heal by adding moisture to the affected area.

Additionally, cold compresses and anti-inflammatory medication can help relieve pain and redness and reduce the recent feeling on your lips.


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