What Happens If You Take Birth Control While Pregnant – he here

Because most sorts of contraception have an opportunity of failing, however small which will be, there’s always an opportunity pregnancy can happen if you’re having sex. you’ll be taking the pill daily or your IUD could also be in situ, but you’ll still discover at some point that you’re pregnant. It might be shocking in fact — and frightening. Could there be negative repercussions for your unborn baby because you continued contraception while you were unknowingly pregnant?

If the contraception you were using maybe a barrier method, like a condom, sponge, diaphragm, spermicide, Phexxi, or some combination thereof, there is no got to worry.

These methods are nonhormonal, and stop pregnancy by physically blocking sperm from fertilizing the egg or by creating an inhospitable environment for sperm. It’s fine, even encouraged, to use a condom during pregnancy if you’re concerned about sexually transmitted infections (via Healthline).

Other sorts of contraception are supported hormones. These include the pill, Nexplanon (an implant inserted under the skin of the upper arm), a patch worn on the skin, a versatile ring worn inside the vagina, Depo-Provera (an injection given every three months), and one sort of IUD, consistent with Planned Parenthood. there is a second sort of IUD that uses copper rather than hormones to stop pregnancy.

What do you have to do if you become pregnant while on hormonal contraception, or while using the IUD? Below, we provide some advice.

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