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Every day we attempt to experiment with our hair look which needs a spread of heating products. It takes away the natural moisture from the hair. As a result, we get frizzy hair at the top of the day. Frizz happens when the cuticles are lifted; the open strands absorb the moisture and swell. Frizzy hair escalates hair breakage and hair fall. If your hair isn’t healthy from the inside, the styling won’t hide or enhance the feel. Here are 7 tips to guard your hair against frizz.

Choose the proper hair products: To fight frizzy hair, it’s important to stay your hair hydrated. Before buying any hair products, remember the ingredients. Knowing your hair type will assist you to pick the proper products.

Choose products that have natural hydrating elements like avocado, copra oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, Shea butter, etc. as they’re going to deeply condition your hair and make it smooth.

Wash hair 2-3 times a week: Avoid washing your hair frequently because it dries out the scalp eliminating the natural oils. These oils actually help to tackle the frizz naturally and keep the hair hydrated.

Wash your hair a maximum of 2-3 times during a week; it’ll keep your scalp clean alongside protecting the natural moisture. Frequent hair washing also raptures the cuticles which is that the main cause behind frizzy hair. you’ll even be ready to avoid the warmth and styling products by ditching frequent hair washing.

Use minimal heat treatment: the warmth treatments like blow-drying, straightening or curling suck out the moisture from the hair, leaving it absolutely dry and frizzy. In winter, it’s difficult to dry the hair naturally.

albeit you employ the blow-dryer, attempt to keep the temperature below 200 degrees because it will leave your hair less frizzy. Always use heat protectants before applying any heat treatment to your hair.

Say no to sulfate and alcohol based hair products: Alcohol and sulfate within the hair products tend to rinse the natural oils from the scalp. While alcohol makes the hand blower , sulfate lifts the cuticles which makes your hair frizz-prone. attempt to replace these products with glycerin or herbal oil based products.

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