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9 Best Spring Nail Trends of 2023, According to Expert Nail Artists

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I’ll be honest: I’m generally unimpressed with spring beauty trends. In contrast to summer, when I totally go from coffin nails too short nails or from nude nail paint to bright, neon colors, I typically feel a little underwhelmed by spring. But let me tell you something: Instead of the traditional Easter egg pastels and neutrals, this year’s 2023 spring manicure trends are more glamorous, with nail jewelry, substantial decorations, and metallic chromes taking center stage. This means that, for the first time in my life, I find it difficult to choose a favorite spring trend.

To assist me (and you), I spoke with nail technician Ashmita Lama about the top 2023 spring nail trends, including what trends her clients are asking for, which celebrity looks her clients are utilizing as inspiration, and how she’s transitioning her nails from winter to spring. Scroll down to see every outfit and learn how to recreate it at home:

1 Cobalt-blue nails for spring

As nail expert Ashmita Lama advises, “Don’t be afraid to experiment with colors, like a bright-cobalt blue, which will be a popular choice for spring and summer this year.

It’s elegant and complements everything, but it also makes a statement. For that electrifying, vivid blue shade, try Cirque Colors’ NYFW or (my favorite), Orly’s It’s Brittney Beach.

2 Floral nail designs

On the spring/summer 2023 runways, delicate flower patterns with vintage influences were everywhere (LoveShackFancy and Susan Alexandra, to mention a couple). These patterns have a period-piece, Bridgerton-inspired feel to them.

If you’re not quite ready for a fully wallpapered manicure, try emulating the above style created by famous nail artist Betina Goldstein by applying small floral decals on a light base color.

3 Bright-green spring nails

Are you prepared to skip the delicate spring tones and dive straight into the vibrant summer tones?

I strongly advise beginning with lime green. Paint a white base layer on your nails to make them seem extra brilliant and neon. Next, apply two to three coats of green nail polish to make the color stand out.

4 Micro-French tips

A French manicure is timeless, but if you want to refresh it, ask your nail technician for a micro-French tip, which not only makes your nails look longer but is also quite adaptable.

Choose your preferred monochromatic color, whether you want a bright or muted hue, or go all out with a rainbow-French tip like the one seen above.

5 Nail jewelry

Why wear jewelry on anything other than our ears and necks in 2023? Naturally, we’d figure out a method to add some “bling” to our nails, and the solution is these nail hoops.

The Editorial Nail’s nail hoops (instruction here) are used to create the style seen above, which transforms a straightforward manicure of a solid hue into a whole aesthetic. To prevent having to puncture your own nail, this appearance may be best achieved with press-on, acrylic, or gel extensions.

6 Lemonade-yellow nails

Just so you know, Lama says the glazed-donut nail trend is still going strong. However, (!) for spring, consider wearing a pastel tint beneath, like Hailey Bieber’s brilliant yellow or a soft pink or baby blue.

If you’re doing it yourself, simply apply a thin coating of your base color, follow it with a top coat, and then softly rub silver chrome powder over your nails to get the glazed look.

7 “Lip gloss” Spring nail trend

My Instagram feed was rapidly invaded by this ultra-shiny and surprisingly neutral manicure style when nail artist Tom Bachik began giving celebrities it.

In essence, it’s a transparent, neutral nail color with a lot of sheens that resembles lip gloss and lip liner. Play around with the base color to obtain a fresh and distinctive mood, whether you choose a pink-tone tint like the one seen above or a beige-brown nude.

8- 3D embellishments for spring

According to Lama, raised textures can quickly make your manicure seem more cutting-edge and “2023,” especially when you combine them with chrome or metallic components, like in this gold nail style.

Try out different nail adornments, such as chains, diamonds, and beads, together with a hard gel and UV nail light to keep them from catching or moving.

9 Retro Nails for Spring 2023

According to Lama, clients will likely choose a lot of vintage hues and patterns for spring 2023. I like how it reminds me of Daisy Jones and the Six.

You may choose between a vintage-inspired design, like the nails seen above, or a straightforward ’70s impression using subdued jewel tones like mustard yellows and teals. its period and style are characterized by the frequent use of checkered patterns, mushroom motifs, and cool squiggles.


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