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9 Hairstyle Suggestions for Different Hair Textures

9 Hairstyle Suggestions for Different Hair Textures

Long haircuts have a significant impact, whether it’s a layered, curly style or a straight, silky one-length cut. The movement and flow of a skillfully executed cut add a unique charm. Additionally, the versatility of long hair is undeniable.

Dayna Stolze, a stylist at Whiteroom in Brooklyn, emphasizes that long hair offers ample opportunities for experimentation, from ponytails to intricate braids.

While the concept of cutting long hair might seem contradictory, it’s crucial for maintaining its health and length.

According to Cataanda James, a hairstylist and beauty educator based in New York, although hair grows from the roots, its length is preserved through proper care of the ends.

James recommends regular trims every six to eight weeks to prevent split ends, even when actively growing out your hair.

Long hair can sometimes feel repetitive, but there are ways to keep it fresh without sacrificing length. These nine long haircut ideas, approved by experts, offer easy solutions for rejuvenating your style.

Long butterfly layers


A tribute to the 1970s shag hairstyle, the butterfly cut focuses on framing the face with layers all over. According to James, these layers create a look as if you’ve just tossed your hair casually. To boost volume and guide the hair’s direction, a gentle twist and glide with a large-barrel curling iron or flatiron are sufficient.

Hime cut

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You’ve probably come across the hime haircut trending on TikTok. This style, named after the Japanese word for “princess,” features short, face-framing side sections that contrast with the longer, straight hair. According to Stolze, it’s renowned for its unique Japanese influence and has become popular for its blend of elegance and edge.

Stolze suggests that this haircut is most suitable for those with straight or slightly wavy hair. She explains that smoother hair helps the side pieces maintain their shape and fall neatly.

For those considering this style, Stolze stresses the importance of clear communication with your hairstylist regarding the length of the sides and which facial features you want to highlight. She emphasizes that precise cutting is essential for achieving this distinct look.

Long boho braids

While technically not a haircut, according to James, “long, bohemian braid style options mimic the free-flowing nature of long haircuts.” These braids are created using feed-in box braids with a wavy or curly texture, achieved by intertwining natural and textured extensions. As the hair is braided, some strands are left out, creating a wispy effect.

James highlights the versatility of this style, stating that it offers a fresh twist on traditional box braids and is particularly beneficial for those seeking to minimize manipulation of their natural hair.

According to James, long boho braids are suitable for all hair types, but individuals with fine or thin hair should avoid using dense or highly textured extensions to prevent discomfort or tension on the scalp.

To ensure proper installation and maintenance of the braids, James advises seeking assistance from a professional stylist. She emphasizes the importance of clear communication with the stylist regarding desired styling and receiving detailed care instructions.

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