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A Simple Way to Cut Nails Without Them Flying All Over the Room

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We’ve all had that experience, right? There you are, sitting on the bottom with a distance of old review spread in front of you. You hold your breath, in- eschewal- hold in the middle, take the end and press down. The clip goes the nail clipper … and your cutlet nail flies out into some dark corner of the room, down from your precisely set review. Also, you’ll presumably have to get to your bases and ramble over to pick it up.

The problem with cutting our cutlet nails and having these same nails flying each over the room has been for a veritably long time, since the invention of nail clippers, I’ll hazard.

We’ve tried everything, from belting our hands in journals to cutting our cutlet nails with our hands in a plastic bag or waste paper caddy, but these results can be a laddie bit uncomfortable, right?
.What if I were to tell you that there’s a simple hack that you can use to cut your cutlet nails fuss-free, and most importantly, get them to stop flying around the room?
Well, if you’re still interested, the result is actually enough simple.

Tape up the side of your nail clippers.

The nail parings fly down from the side of your nail clipper, closing up all avenues of escape, this naturally solves the problem of having nail clippers flying around the room.

Now you don’t have to inch your way through cutting your cutlet nails or toenails, yet keep a clean room as well.

Sounds absolutely beautiful, doesn’t it?
There are nail clippers out there on the marketable request with side guards to help parings from flying out, but why spend so much more on commodities that can beD.I.Y-ed so fluently and cheaply?
All you need to do is to have some scotch vid on hand and a nail clipper. As a perk, the vid can also be used to make drawing the nail clipper after use so much easier as well.

On a fresh note, do keep in mind that nail clippers must be changed formerly in a while because the edges of the blade will dull, and using it’s like using a blunt cutter on a carrot, you smash the carrot piecemeal rather of cutting it which isn’t good for your nails.


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