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Acne is caused by these 5 mistakes in a skincare routine, correct these skincare mistakes today and see the changes 

Acne is caused by these 5 mistakes in a skincare routine, correct these skincare mistakes today and see the changes 
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Skin Care Routine Mistakes: Even small mistakes in the daily skincare routine can become the cause of big problems. If you want to avoid acne, then rectify these mistakes today.

Skin Care Routine: In the age of the internet and Instagram hacks, everyone has started following different routines considering the need for skincare. You might also be following a similar morning and night skincare routine. But, why do you get pimples even if you do everything right, properly moisturize your face, drink lots of water, and always sleep with your makeup off? The answer to this question is the mistakes made in the skincare routine due to which your skin becomes a victim of acne. Let’s find out what are these mistakes.

Mistakes made in skin care routine Mistakes 

regardless of skin type 

If you use products without taking care of your skin type, then these products can harm your skin in many ways. These can spoil the protective layer of the skin and can also disturb the oil balance of the skin, due to which acne occurs. 

use of different products 

There is a trend of making shopping hole videos by buying a lot of products during the sale, due to which girls buy and use different products every day. In this case, pimples can occur due to side effects on the skin.

Applying Harmful Products

It is not necessary that every makeup product is good for the skin. When you start applying products without testing from anywhere, then the skin gets damaged, whether these products are skincare creams, brushes, moisturizers, or scrubs.

applying the wrong cleanser 

The cleanser is applied first in skincare, so it is most important to get it right. You should not use a cleanser that foams or exfoliates the face. There is no need to exfoliate the skin daily and doing so is bound to lead to skin breakouts. For oily skin, you should apply a water-based cleanser. 

remove makeup with just wipes 

Wipes are fine for removing makeup but after removing makeup with wipes, you must use face wash. Face wash will remove all the chemicals properly from the face. 

Disclaimer: This material, including advice, provides general information only. It is in no way a substitute for a qualified medical opinion. Always consult an expert or your doctor for more details.HEBEAUTYHERE does not claim responsibility for this information.


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