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People experiencing anxiety and depression should avoid these 10 foods

People experiencing anxiety and depression should avoid these 10 foods
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Did you know many different types of food can increase your levels of anxiety and depression? Dealing with lethargy, sadness, and anxiety can be debilitating on its own. You do not need your food to conspire against you to make you feel worse. Listed below are 10 foods to avoid if you have anxiety or depression. Don’t miss these 8 Depression Symptoms to Look Out For. dicyclomine used for anxiety

1. Limit Anxiety by Avoiding Fruit Juice

While fruit is nutritious fruit juice is not. Fruit makes a great snack because it can make you feel full. It helps keep your blood sugar stable while fruit drinks will often spike your blood sugar. The spike causes your energy levels to rise and fall quickly. You will feel jittery at first and then more tired. Fruit juice is sugar water as it lacks the fiber that helps make fruit a healthy option.

2. Dump the Regular Soda

The caffeine in soda can increase your feelings of anxiety. There is a proven correlation between depression and the consumption of soda. These sugary drinks spike your blood sugar. You get a quick boost of energy followed by an immediate crash in your energy levels which sets you up to feel tired. These drinks carry no nutritious benefits and should be avoided if you are prone to either anxiety or depression.

3. Skip the White Bread

White flour, an ingredient in white bread, causes a spike in blood sugar that impacts anxiety and depression suffer. Choose whole-grain loaves of bread instead of relying on its highly processed alternative and you will be better for it. dicyclomine used for anxiety

4. Ditch the Salad Dressing

Often you will find the words high fructose corn syrup listed in the ingredients of salad dressing. This sugary ingredient will cause your blood sugar to spike. Anxiety and depression sufferers will want to avoid this product.

The light dressing alternatives are not much better. Those condiments are usually made with aspartame, an artificial sweeter, that has been linked to depression.

5. Drink Water Instead of Coffee

Depression sufferers are going to want to skip their next dose of java. The caffeine in coffee can make you feel jittery and nervous. It can even mess up your sleep patterns and cause insomnia which only further impacts your depressive symptoms. Choosing water instead will keep you hydrated. Water will not force you to face fast-rising and dropping energy levels. If you are a coffee addict you may want to slowly decrease your daily consumption because of the withdrawal symptoms you may experience.

Don’t want to give up your coffee routine? Try switching to decaf instead of the caffeinated version to avoid the drink’s negative accompaniments.

6. Say No to Energy Drinks

No one should be drinking energy drinks. They are unhealthy and can even be dangerous. These drinks have large amounts of caffeine in them. They can cause sleep problems and irregular heart rhythms. Energy drinks can cause anxiety sufferers to feel even more hyped up and nervous. Their drink labels are not always transparent. Ingredients like guarana often hide the true amount of caffeine in the product.

7. Eliminate Alcohol from Your Diet

Many people who suffer from anxiety or depressive disorders will abuse alcohol. While alcohol may have a relaxing effect on you the opposite is true. Alcohol worsens depression. Your drinking causes you to feel depressed and creates a circular behavioral pattern. You drink to alleviate your symptoms, but drinking leads to depression which causes you to self-medicate. In short, stay away from alcohol if you are anxious or depressed. dicyclomine used for anxiety

8. Skip the Frosting

No one says you have to avoid eating the occasional frosted cupcake but you should be aware of how much trans fats you are consuming. Trans fats, sometimes listed on labels as partially hydrogenated oil, have been linked to depression. You will find these trans fats in other confectioneries as well as fried foods. The frosting is especially bad because it contains 2 grams of trans fats per serving. You will want to limit how much trans fats you consume.

9. Send Soy Sauce on a Permanent Vacation

If you are gluten sensitive you will want to avoid soy sauce. Gluten-sensitive individuals can experience anxiety or depression by consuming gluten. This packaged product has plenty of gluten within its contents.

10. Say Goodbye to Ketchup

Ketchup is a favorite condiment of many but it is not a friend of those who has anxiety or depression. It is high in sugar. There are 4 grams of sugar in every tablespoon of this condiment. This will set you up for a blood sugar spike which in the long term will hurt your mental health causing both anxiety and depressive symptoms. Check out these 10 Foods That May Help Fight Depression

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