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Beat The Grease – Sheet Masks For Oily Skin

Beat The Grease - Sheet Masks For Oily Skin
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Unctuous skin is caused by a hyperactive sebaceous gland that produces redundant sebum. Indeed though sebum protects and moisturizes your skin and is essential to maintain the overall health of your skin, redundant sebum on your face can make you look like a candescent disco ball.

And that’s not each, all the redundant canvas on your face fluently traps dirt and contaminations and clogs your pores. This, in turn, causes flights, making unctuous skin extremely prone to acne.

It isn’t easy to manage unctuous skin, especially unctuous skin that’s also acne-prone. But by making just many changes to your skincare routine, you can keep the redundant canvas bay. However, perhaps it’s time you try a distance mask!

, If you have formerly tried all the complexion face masks and colors for unctuous skin out there and nothing seems to control your canvas.

When it comes to opting for a distance mask, the process of changing one that can address your unctuous skin straits might feel delicate at first.

It’s a common misconception that since a distance mask primarily hydrates and moisturizes your skin, it’s only salutary for people with normal to dry skin. But that’s not true at all! Distance masks that are designed to clear your clogged pores and minimize their appearance, work great for unctuous skin.

Some distance masks are formulated with constituents that help control the redundant canvas product and can help mattify your face. Use these distance masks two to three times a week and you’ll notice a visible metamorphosis in your skin.

Always apply your distance mask to a clean face. People with unctuous skin tend to over-wash their face as they believe this will help them keep the redundant sebum in check.

Washing your face exorbitantly will strip all the natural canvas and humidity from your skin, transferring your sebaceous gland into overdrive. This will beget your glands to produce indeed further canvas to compensate. So remember to only wash your face two or three times a day at most.

Once your face is nice and clean, it’s time to apply your distance mask. You can start your week with a detoxifying distance mask like the Pure Charcoal Black Serum Distance Mask by Garnier. The watercolor in the distance mask draws out all the contaminations from your pores and helps unclog them. This helps reduce the size of your pores and also detoxifies your skin.

Now that your pores are unstopped and ready to absorb all the virtuousness from another distance mask, beat your mind-weak blues by treating your skin to the purifying Garnier Hydra Bomb Green Tea Serum Distance Mask.

This serum distance mask is great for unctuous and acne-prone skin as green tea excerpts in the distance mask help control and reduces the oiliness in your skin. In just 15 twinkles, your skin feels fresh and doused with a natural matte finish and none of the oiliness from ahead!
Using multiple distance masks during the week is a great way to let your skin benefit from the different parcels of each distance mask.

Taking care of unctuous and acne-prone skin is grueling, but with the right products, you can help control the excess shine on your face and reduce flights.

We at Garnier ensure that all our skincare products, including our serum distance masks, are dermatologically tested and suitable for all skin types. Check out Garnier’s range of Serum Distance Masks and find the stylish distance mask for your unctuous skin troubles.

Now that you’ve got your shine in check, let our Ultimate Distance Mask Guide help you pick out your coming favorite distance mask.


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