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Brianne Howey on Her Simple Beauty Routine and Protecting Her psychological state

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While she’s the mischievous star of the hit Netflix series Ginny & Georgia, Brianne Howey exudes girl-next-door energy. When she signs onto our Zoom call, I immediately notice she’s glowing (literally and figuratively).

Her skin looks radiant and her joy feels palpable even through a display screen. The actress has plenty to be delighted about right now: Our meeting was on the heels of her day, and her hit Netflix series Ginny & Georgia received the green light for season two.

Howey’s undeniable talents as an actress and genuine spirit have attracted a loyal fanbase of over a million followers (and counting) on Instagram.

On social media, Howey strikes a balance between sharing the highs of her life and shedding light on important topics like psychological state.

In an industry and world that likes to mainly showcase highlight reels, Howey’s complete candor and relatability are quite refreshing.

Ahead, Howey exposes the mass appeal of Ginny & Georgia, her simple beauty routine, and therefore the importance of setting social media boundaries. Keep scrolling to read everything she had to mention.

You recently got married. Congratulations!

Thank you much a lot. it had been such a journey getting there. It surpassed all expectations we had. it had been such a troublesome year.

We postponed it a couple of times because no one’s been gathering. So, I underestimated how overwhelmingly special it might be to be with my whole family and friends. it had been amazing.

The fact that Ginny & Georgia is coming back for season two is also exciting. Why do you think the show has resonated so much with people?

I think it’s super authentic. There are timeless themes about love, relationships, and coming aged within the show. I also think the actors grounded everything in their truth.

I bought everything I used to be watching, and that I cannot picture anybody else playing any of those characters. and therefore the music, of course, I feel has hooked everybody in.

What made you want to say “yes” to the role of Georgia?

There’s a lot of my mom in Georgia. I grew up with an excellent young single mom. She had me at 21, so we had an identical relationship.

She wasn’t stealing money from my school or anything like that [laughs]. But, Georgia may be a survivalist. and that is something I relate to and something my mom associated with.

it isn’t something I see on paper plenty, especially for such a girl who already has kids and lived such a life at 30. She’s wild and cute, so I wanted to throw my hat into the ring for this role and just see what happened.

Can you talk a little bit about what it was like to develop Georgia’s beauty look?

Georgia’s extensions were more of a last-minute decision. it had been something that the show creator, showrunner, and that I talked about a few tons. I’m so grateful that we pivoted and added them because the second those got put in, I used to be like, Wow, here’s Georgia.

As far as makeup, it had been fun because we need to experiment, especially because this character is from the South and doubtless never had her makeup professionally done. So, the makeup looks we created are things she would probably do supported by tips from magazines she read growing up like Seventeen.

We just wanted her makeup to feel as authentic as possible.

What are some of your go-to beauty products?

I attempt to keep it pretty simple. I like Kosas’ 10-second Eyeshadow ($28). it is the easiest thing in the world and my favorite thing.

I’ll do a fast brow using Anastasia Beverly Hills products then apply some under-eye concealer. I’ll also use a simple mascara. I just started using one from Pacifica. then I’ll apply a touch chapstick.

What are some of your skincare favorites?

I love using Osea, especially during wedding prep. they need this amazing body scrub and every one of those great oils that feel so luxurious.

They even have an excellent face wash. I started using Cocokind also and love their products. Everything just feels so clean and washes off so easily too. I even have a hydrating serum from La Mer that has been helpful.


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