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Top 10 Celebrities’ Natural Selfies: Appreciating Their Makeup-Free Looks

Top 10 Celebrities' Natural Selfies: Appreciating Their Makeup-Free Looks
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It’s always refreshing to witness celebrities embracing their natural selves without makeup. While there’s certainly nothing wrong with rocking a full glam look (we adore a smoky eye and a flawless red lip), there’s something equally beautiful about going bare-faced. Thankfully, several A-listers are setting an example by confidently showcasing their authentic selves without the need for foundation or filters.

To celebrate natural beauty, we’ve curated a collection of memorable snapshots featuring celebrities without makeup. From Martha Stewart’s and Jennifer Lopez’s age-defying selfies that caused a stir online, to Selena Gomez’s and Hailey Bieber’s effortlessly radiant appearances, there’s plenty of inspiration for those who appreciate the makeup-free vibe. Just remember to apply daily sunscreen for healthy skin, of course!

Jennifer Lopez

Instagram/@jlo, @jlobeauty

Lopez frequently shares selfies without makeup and emphasizes the importance of SPF for maintaining youthful skin. In a video for JLo Beauty, the Marry Me actress revealed her bare-faced routine, showcasing her reliance on JLo Beauty products. She stressed the significance of sunscreen, revealing that she has been using it daily since her early 20s and encourages others to start young. Lopez highlighted that the video was unfiltered and unretouched, proudly displaying her natural appearance.

Selena Gomez


Check it out: We’re thrilled to see as many unfiltered photos of Gomez as possible. Luckily, the founder of Rare Beauty is more than willing to provide them.

Gigi Hadid


Supermodels, they’re just like ordinary folks! Hadid offered her followers a sneak peek behind the scenes of Paris Fashion Week, striking a pose right after her shower, wearing only a robe and a towel wrapped around her hair.

Hailey Bieber


The founder of Rhode skin care posted a makeup-free selfie from her actual bathtub in a hotel room in Brazil. “Eu te amo Brasil voltarei em breve eu prometo,” she wrote as the caption, assuring her fans that she would return to her mother’s homeland soon.

Megan Thee Stallion 


The rapper and recipient of Glamour’s Woman of the Year award enjoyed some well-deserved relaxation time in a comfortable robe, embracing her natural skin.

Bebe Rexha 


The singer paired her adorable bikini with a heart-shaped necklace and opted for a makeup-free look. She captioned the Instagram photo, “Happy Valentine’s Day from Hawai’i love you 💋💋💋.”

Jennifer Aniston


Jennifer Aniston delighted her fans by sharing a charming selfie without makeup. Additionally, she provided a rare view of her natural waves, acknowledging the effects of humidity and giving a shoutout to her hair brand, LolaVie, in the caption.

Hailey Bieber


Although Hailey Bieber’s adorable bikini may be the standout feature in this photo, our focus is immediately drawn to her stunning complexion.

Halle Berry


In November 2021, Halle Berry shared a glimpse of her at-home spa day on Instagram, featuring a facial steamer and a comfortable robe.

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato displayed their talent for self-portraits with makeup-free selfies. They captioned the photos on Instagram, saying, “Swipe to see how I found the self-timer feature for taking pictures.” Additionally, they tagged their regular photographer Angelo Kritikos, jokingly adding, “you’re in trouble, boo boo 😝🌴.”

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