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Face Shapes: How to Determine Yours and Find the Best Hairstyle

Face Shapes: How to Determine Yours and Find the Best Hairstyle
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Understanding your face shape is key to selecting hairstyles, makeup, and accessories that complement your features. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you determine your face shape and get insights on the best hairstyles for each type. This article aims to provide detailed information with a focus on readability and search engine optimization to ensure you get the most out of your beauty routine. face shapes

1. Rectangular/Oblong Face Shape

A rectangular or oblong face is longer than it is wide, with the forehead, cheeks, and jawline approximately the same width. The chin has a very slight curve, giving the face a more elongated appearance.

Celebrities with Rectangular Faces:

  • Bella Hadid
  • Joan Smalls
  • Alexa Chung
  • Riley Keough

Best Hairstyles: Creating fullness through the sides and maintaining volume from the ears up is essential for this face shape. Soft waves, long face-framing layers, and chin-length bobs are ideal. Avoid flat, straight hair with no movement and volume without width. These styles can emphasize the length of your face. Shorter hairstyles can sometimes make this shape feel more masculine, so it’s best to keep some length.

Styling Tip: Break up the length of a rectangular face with a diagonal part, which helps create more voluminous hairstyles that add width and balance to the oblong shape.

2. Round Face Shape

Round faces have a soft, circular appearance with the cheeks being the widest part of the face. The length and width of the face are roughly equal.

Celebrities with Round Faces:

  • Selena Gomez
  • Chrissy Teigen
  • Ginnifer Goodwin

Best Hairstyles: Opt for hairstyles that add height and length, such as high ponytails, top knots, and long layered cuts. These styles help elongate the face and draw the eyes upwards. Avoid styles that add width, like bobs that end at the chin or hairstyles with heavy bangs, as they can make the face appear even rounder.

Styling Tip: Side-swept bangs and long, angled layers can also help create the illusion of a longer face.

3. Square Face Shape

A square face is characterized by a strong jawline, broad forehead, and cheekbones of similar width, giving the face a more angular appearance.

Celebrities with Square Faces:

  • Angelina Jolie
  • Keira Knightley
  • Olivia Wilde

Best Hairstyles: Choose hairstyles that soften the angles of the face. Soft waves, side-swept bangs, and long layers are excellent choices. Avoid straight, blunt cuts that emphasize the squareness of the face. Styles that add height and roundness at the crown can help balance the strong jawline.

Styling Tip: Consider styles with lots of movement and texture to soften the strong lines of a square face.

4. Heart Face Shape

A heart-shaped face features a broad forehead, high cheekbones, and a narrow, pointed chin, creating a heart-like appearance.

Celebrities with Heart Faces:

  • Reese Witherspoon
  • Scarlett Johansson
  • Kourtney Kardashian

Best Hairstyles: Side-swept bangs, chin-length bobs, and long, wavy layers are ideal for this face shape. These styles help balance the width of the forehead with the narrowness of the chin. Avoid styles that add volume to the upper part of the face, such as heavy bangs or top-heavy updos, as they can make the forehead appear even wider.

Styling Tip: Chin-length or longer cuts with soft, wispy layers can help soften the pointed chin and add balance to the face.

5. Oval Face Shape

An oval face is longer than it is wide, with balanced proportions and a slightly narrower chin than the forehead. This face shape is often considered the most versatile.

Celebrities with Oval Faces:

  • Beyoncé
  • Jessica Alba
  • Charlize Theron

Best Hairstyles: Almost any hairstyle works with an oval face, so feel free to experiment with different looks to find what you love. However, it’s best to avoid styles that cover up the natural symmetry of your face, such as heavy bangs that hide your forehead.

Styling Tip: Try a variety of lengths and styles to see what enhances your natural beauty, but remember to highlight your balanced features rather than hiding them. face shapes


Identifying your face shape is the first step in enhancing your natural beauty with the right hairstyle. Use this guide to find styles that flatter your face shape, and remember that confidence is the best accessory you can wear. With the right hairstyle, you can highlight your best features and feel fabulous every day. face shapes

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