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They’re like acrylics, but better.

live in the Bronx — a part of New York City where bold nails are absolutely everything. I am talking birthstones, unique shapes, pike- art inspired designs, everything.

And while I love and esteem a good nail look, I actually nowise get my nails done at a salon (my natural nails are short, which is not the trim oil for
nail art you know?). Now, nonetheless, I have been hearing further and farther about gel nail extensions — a * presumably * easy way to make your nails look longer in seconds.

But, tbh, I was not sure how it all worked. So I reached out to Kaddy Aaliyah, a London- predicated nail tech and founder of Nuka Nails, for her expert advice on all paraphernalia nail extensions, including what exactly they are, how they are applied, how long they last, and more. So, if you are also curious about gel nail extensions, keep scrolling for all the input words.

What are gel nail extensions?

There are two fashions for gel extensions The first involves cleaving a form under the tip of the natural, either painting a hard gel on top and curing (or hardening) it with a UV or LED light; The jury (and added popular fashion) uses are-shaped gel tip that is clicked to your natural nail, like a souped-up press-on.

Gel nail extensions largely act as an overlay on your natural nails,” explains Kaddy. It’s an easy way to add instant length to your nails, try a different shape ( bier nails anyone?), and play around with intricate nail art.

Gel or acrylic nails—which is better?

Etching nails look great, but if you are concerned about nail health, gel extensions are 100 percent the move. “ When customers come near, I always advise them to get gel extensions,” says Kaddy. Why? Because gel extensions act as a defensive order over your natural nail, causing little-to-no damage.

In fact, they can yea help your natural nails underneath grow longer and stronger,” she adds.

Drawing extensions, on the other hand, is notoriously damaging. The exercise process requires some potentially harsh chemicals, and the disposition process hourly involves aggressive buffing and drilling. There is also the time thing — gel nail extensions are fast and more free to apply and remove than drawings.

How are gel nail extensions applied?

The process is like applying regular gel polish to the nails, except the polish is in gel form. Your nails are laid first (filed, buffed, and cuticles prepared), and either painted with a bonder and text. A status of gel polish is painted to the reverse of the nail form before it’s pressed onto the natural nail and cured with a light.

Once all ten gel extensions are applied, you can alter their shape and length and add color and cool nail art too. (P.S., You should def check out Kaddy’s IG for majestic nail art inspo).

How long do gel extensions last?

Paramount gel extensions will last three to four weeks

“ Both the cuticle and how you file the nail are all critical to how long the gels will last on the nails, says Kaddy.”Your nail tech can’t rush the process, or your nails simply won’t last.” After the three-week mark, you can either get a hoard ( largely adding color to the natural nail right about your cuticle that has grown out) or remove the gel

How do you remove gel nail extensions?

Every nail tech has their own approach, but Kaddy normally removes any heavy design on top of the nail first (in some cases this requires a drill but do not worry, it’s just to remove the design — there should be no drilling on your very nail bed) and either wrap each nail in acetone- soaked cotton ball and tinfoil to break down the gel. Once the gel has loosened, an orange stick or soul tool is used to gently scrape off any excess gel. The whole scrapping process should take about 15 twinklings and your natural nails should look healthy at the end of the process, says Kaddy.


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