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Curly Hair Care Routine: Due to lack of moisture in the hair, curly hair becomes drier. In such a situation, you need to adopt the right and effective hair care routine. Learn how to take care of curly hair.

Hair Care: Curly hair looks very beautiful but it is difficult to take care of them. Curly hair is a natural gift, but it takes a lot of sweat to take care of it. Curly hair looks more dry and tangled. Due to lack of moisture in the hair, curly hair appears drier. If you have curly hair, then today we are going to tell you a great hair care routine for curly hair. By following this hair care routine, you will get soft, silky, and beautiful hair.

Hair Care Routine for Curly Hair | Hair Care Routine For Curly Hair

use mild shampoo

The shampoo is the most important part of any hair care routine. Whether the hair is straight or curly, washing the hair is the most important step. Therefore, if you have curly hair, avoid shampoos with toxic chemicals and use mild shampoos. Shampoos with more chemicals can damage your scalp. While washing hair, keep in mind that there is no dust, access oil, or dead skin left on your scalp. 

avoid over shampooing

Curly hair gets dry easily. Overshampooing can strip the natural moisture of the hair. Apart from this, use a good conditioner to condition your hair. Conditioning seals the hair cuticles and prevents damage to the hair. 

 Pre Shampoo Conditioning 

 Curly hair gets tangled easily. Apart from this, a drier also appears. So if you have curly hair then you do pre-conditioning shampoo. By doing this, your tangled hair will be easily resolved and will look soft. For this, you have to take different parts of the hair and apply a hair mask or conditioning oil on them. Leave the conditioner on your hair for about 20 minutes before shampooing. Wash hair with shampoo after 20 to 25 minutes. You will see the difference in your hair. 

 Do not brush curly hair

Do not brush curly hair at all. Use a wide-toothed comb on your curly hair before shampooing. After you wash your hair, just run your fingers down the middle of your hair. Never brush your wet curly hair as it increases the chances of breakage and damage. 

Always wash hair with cold water

 Hot water takes away the natural oil and sebum present in your scalp. Pouring hot water into curly hair can open up the cuticles, which increases the risk of frizziness in the hair. Apart from this, hair breakage can also start. Therefore, whether you are shampooing or conditioning the hair, use cold water for both. It is much safer for your hair.  

Disclaimer: This material, including advice, provides general information only. It is in no way a substitute for a qualified medical opinion. Always consult an expert or your doctor for more details. HEBEAUTYHERE does not claim responsibility for this information.


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