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Hair Color Trends: The Hottest Colors for This Summer

Hair Color Trends: The Hottest Colors for This Summer
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This year, we can expect a diverse range of hair color shades as several are set to trend. Celebrities have already hinted at the trends that will dominate the streets. In this article, we’ll reveal the hair colors you should opt for this year to stay on-trend.

Dark red, as predicted by Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa forecasted the trend of dark red hair color last year, and this year, we anticipate other famous faces following suit. This warm-toned color will add spice to your look and infuse it with a hint of red. You can instruct your stylist to dye your hair with a light burgundy shade. How long you maintain this pigment will be up to you. You can use various balms to prevent the loss of the red pigment and ensure your hair remains shiny.

Orange hair color immediately catches attention at first glance.

Light orange, radiating warmth, will be a major trend this summer. The blend of light blonde and orange will refresh you and give you a summery vibe. Maintenance is crucial even with orange hair color to preserve its beautiful shade.

Vanilla-toned blonde highlights.

For those who prefer lighter shades that don’t stand out too much, there’s the timeless blonde with highlights. This color is elegant and feminine, exuding gentleness. With this shade, it’s important to use shampoo and conditioner designed for blonde hair, which will regulate yellow and reddish pigments.

Espresso brown for those who prefer darker shades.

Brunettes, you won’t be disappointed, as this shade is among the most popular trends for 2024. Espresso shade is a darker brown that will give your hair a glossy finish. It will also complement your darker complexion perfectly, even by the sea. It doesn’t require much maintenance, making it easy to upkeep.

Caramel and balayage combined.

This color will also be a big hit this summer. It consists of a shade of light caramel and a shade of darker brown, such as espresso. This choice will definitely enhance your look. Opting for balayage will also avoid the prominent regrowth often seen with traditional highlights.

These are the color trends that will freshen up your hair this year. However, before making any decisions regarding color changes, make sure to consult with your hairdresser in advance. They can advise you on which color would be most suitable for you. Be careful not to damage your hair with improper dyeing techniques.

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