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You can promote healthy hair growth by slipping, moisturizing, and treating your eyebrows. Learn how to grow eyebrows thicker and longer with home remedies.

3 Eyebrow Care Tips

The first step to getting bushy eyebrows is proper care and conservation. Eyebrow care involves hydrating and conditioning your brow hairs to nourish the follicles and support the growth of thick eyebrows.

  1. Avoid overtreating your eyebrows. inordinate hair junking from tweezing, waxing, and threading can damage the hair follicles and beget your eyebrows to thin. Give your eyebrows time to grow back to their natural shape between treatments.
  2. Encounter your brows. Using a spoolie encounter or eyebrow comb, brush your brow hairs with soft, upward movements. Avoid lugging the encounter against your eyebrows, which can beget your brow hairs to fall out. Gently brushing your eyebrows will untangle long brow hairs and stimulate blood rotation, promoting the growth of thick brows. It also works as a low- conservation way to constrain your brows into a natural look.
  3. Moisturize the skin under your eyebrows. Dry skin can beget your eyebrow area to come itchy, bothered, and short. When moisturizing your face during your skincare routine, dab embrocation onto the skin under your brow hairs. Use gentle, indirect movements to apply the moisturizer, puffing it onto the skin, so the cream absorbs rather than sticks to your brow hairs.

How to Grow Eyebrows: 4 Tips to Get Thicker Eyebrows

While you can use beauty products like an eyebrow pencil and brow gel to fill in eyebrows for a full look, you can help breakage and stimulate eyebrow growth with natural remedies. Follow this way to help you get thicker eyebrows

  1. slip and moisturize. Before applying any brow hair treatment, cleanse the skin under your brows. slipping this area with warm water and a gentle mite removes dead skin cells that make up and clog hair follicles. After sanctification and exfoliating, massage a face cream onto your brow area to nourish the skin. Keeping your brow skin clean and moisturized will also help your brow products and treatments access the skin.
  2. Condition with oil painting. Applying oil painting to your eyebrows is a natural way to hydrate and strengthen your eyebrows, supporting healthy hair growth. Choose a nutritional oil painting, similar to a castor oil painting or a rosemary oil painting, and brush the result into your eyebrows with a spoolie or clean makeup wand. Castor oil painting contains vitamin E and adipose acids, while rosemary oil painting assists with cell development in the hair follicles. Makeup artists also suggest conditioning your brows with coconut oil painting or olive oil painting, which are moisturizing and nutritional.
  3. Take a break from tweezing. As your brow hairs grow in, slapdash hairs may appear below and above your natural brow line. Avoid over-plucking these hairs with tweezers, so the rest of the hairs can grow and fill in your natural eyebrow shape. Tweezing your brow hairs can trick the growth process in the long run, so give your brows time to regrow.
  4. Apply a hair growth serum. Eyebrow hairs take six to eight weeks to grow; still, you can promote regrowth by applying an eyebrow growth serum. Use a brow serum if you have thin eyebrows and want to encourage brow growth or if you have meager hair and want fuller eyebrows. Packed with nutrient-rich constituents, similar to peptides, antioxidants, and proteins, brow serums treat hair loss by stimulating and hydrating the hair follicles. Eyebrow hair growth serums have an analogous thickness to eyebrow gels, so you can brush them onto your hair with a clean makeup wand.


Tips for getting thicker eyebrows naturally

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