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Is Lemon Juice Actually Good for your Skin

Is Lemon Juice Actually Good for your Skin?
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Lemon juice is one of the oldest home remedies for lightening dots, age spots, melasma, and for reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Since it’s high in Vitamin C, which is an antioxidant, and citric acid, it’s extensively considered good for the skin. Still, using this simple but potent component could actually make skin conditions worse!

Why bomb juice is bad

-Since it’s largely acidic (with a pH of 2!), it messes with the natural pH of your acid mantle
.- Citric acid can beget inflammation to sensitive skin, leaving you with rashes and greenishness, occasionally with the liability of endless skin damage as well.

-Citrus authorities and canvases can also beget photosensitivity since they turn poisonous in the sun, causing itching and vexation.

If you have acne, the acid reacts with the acne and causes your pustules to dry up and bleed, performing in lesser chances of acne scars.

How to attack this problem

Rather of topical operations, drink warm bomb water every morning since this has analogous benefits — outside out!
-For your skin, use vitamin C- grounded AHA color, rather than the bomb. Believe us, it’s far safer!
.- Despite our warnings, if you’re still hopeless to use bomb juice, adulterate it with honey, water, rose water, or aloe vera gel to drop the acidic content, and apply only in the evening or night, when the sun is out.


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