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Lip Scrub: Your Guide to Soft, Smooth Lips

Lip Scrub: Your Guide to Soft, Smooth Lips
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In 2024, upgrading your lip-care routine is essential. Like the rest of your complexion, your lips require maintenance, nourishment, and protection to look and feel their best. Indulging in a homemade lip scrub session is a great place to start. Lip scrubs are an easy DIY project, as homemade exfoliants can be crafted to suit your needs and tastes — literally.

Why Use a Lip Scrub?

A quick and gentle lip scrub removes dead skin from the surface of the lips, revealing their soft, glowy potential. According to board-certified dermatologist Georgina Ferzli, MD, “Removing dead skin cells helps to increase cell turnover in the lips, which is great for keeping our lips young and healthy.” Increased circulation from rubbing and scrubbing brings more blood, antioxidants, and oxygen to the area, providing increased nourishment.

Benefits of Lip Scrubs

  • Enhanced Absorption of Products: “By eliminating the build-up of dead skin, lip scrubs can also enhance the absorption of lip balms and moisturizers, making them more effective,” says dermatologist Kemi Fabusiwa, MSSB.
  • Healthy, Rosy Appearance: Exfoliation gives your lips a healthy, rosy look thanks to the boost in blood circulation.
  • Better Product Wear: Your favorite lip products will wear better on smooth, exfoliated lips.

How to Use Lip Scrubs Safely

Even the most natural of scrubs should be applied with care to avoid damaging delicate skin. A post-scrub slugging session is essential. Reach for Aquaphor or Vaseline, followed by an SPF-infused lip balm if you’re going out. Dr. Ferzli recommends moisturizing after exfoliating, even if the exfoliant is moisturizing itself.

DIY Lip Scrub Recipes

Here are five easy homemade lip scrub recipes with ingredients that will leave your pout smooth and pretty:

  1. Honey Brown Sugar Scrub
    • Ingredients: Honey, Brown sugar
    • Instructions: Mix one tablespoon of honey with one tablespoon of brown sugar. Gently scrub your lips with this mixture in soft circular motions. Let the scrub sit for five to 10 minutes before rinsing with warm water. Follow up with lip balm to maintain hydration.
  2. Brown Sugar and Petroleum Scrub
    • Ingredients: Petroleum (Aquaphor or Vaseline), Olive oil, Brown sugar
    • Instructions: Add a dollop of petroleum to your palm, add a drop of oil, and sprinkle in brown sugar at a 3:1 ratio of petroleum to sugar. Mix well. Exfoliate gently for 30 seconds, rinse with warm water, and follow with your favorite balm.

Lip Scrub Recipes

  1. Pineapple Coconut Scrub
    • Ingredients: Pineapple, Coconut sugar, Coconut oil
    • Instructions: Mix one tablespoon of finely blended pineapple with one tablespoon of coconut sugar. Add a 1/2 teaspoon of coconut oil. Gently massage it into your lips in a circular motion. Leave it on for five to 10 minutes before rinsing with warm water. Follow with your preferred lip balm or mask.
  2. Coffee Scrub
    • Ingredients: Coffee grounds, Brown sugar, Honey, Coconut oil
    • Instructions: Mix one teaspoon of coffee grounds with two parts sugar and honey to create a paste, adjusting quantities as needed. Add a tablespoon of coconut oil and blend well. Apply on lips in a gentle circular motion before rinsing. Follow with your favorite lip balm or mask.
  3. Cucumber Brown Sugar Scrub
    • Ingredients: Cucumber, Coconut sugar
    • Instructions: Grate half a cucumber and mix it with one tablespoon of sugar. Apply the mixture to your lips and gently scrub in a circular motion. Leave on for five to 10 minutes before rinsing with warm water. Follow with your favorite balm or mask to maintain hydration.


A lip scrub can take your lips from sapped and chapped to plump and product-ready. Incorporating these DIY recipes into your routine will ensure your lips are always soft, smooth, and healthy. So go ahead, pamper your pout with these easy and effective homemade lip scrubs.

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