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The lead actress, Margot Robbie, has been primarily responsible for the outstanding promotional work for the Barbie movie. She has dressed like various Barbie dolls in practically every official and unofficial appearance she has made regarding the film. Some of her ensembles were custom-made for her, while others were just old dresses that worked with the theme. We are going to uncover which dolls in particular Margot is drawing inspiration from for her public appearances.

Vivienne Westwood created Margot’s attire for the “Enchanted Evening” Barbie who appeared at the Barbie European Premiere in London.

The actress wore a second outfit to the same premiere that belonged to “Brunette Bubble Cut” Barbie in 1962. Dilara Findikoglu created the clothing.

Margot Robbie Paid Homage to Iconic Barbie Dresses on the Red Carpet

Robbie donned a gorgeous black outfit to the movie’s formal premiere that was modeled after the 1960 Barbie character “Solo in the Spotlight.” Schiaparelli Haute Couture created the outfit.

With the aid of Balmain, Margot changed into 1992’s “Earring Magic” Barbie for the film’s Mexican premiere.

Margot Robbie Paid Homage to Iconic Barbie Dresses on the Red Carpet

The actress opted to wear “Totally Hair” Barbie’s Emilio Pucci costume to a photocall in Mexico.

This time, the Australian actress had Vintage Moschino replicate “Sparkling Pink” Barbie’s outfit for the movie’s Seoul premiere.

Before the premiere, Margot changed into “Day to Night” Barbie on the pink carpet in Seoul. Versace was the designer of both outfits.

Margot wore a silver Versace dress to an event in Sydney, Australia that resembles “Happy Birthday” Barbie quite a bit.

Margot mimicked 1959’s “Swimsuit” Barbie for an Instagram photo, however, she did not attend a red carpet event with this one. Hervé Lége was the designer of the outfit. r.

Margot dressed in a Valentino gown for the film’s Los Angeles photocall in honor of 2015’s “Pink and Fabulous” Barbie.

However, Margot is not the only actress to have praised her role. Many other actresses made it a point to design an outfit that would allude to their role or the tone of their entire film.

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