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Her sharp, shiny take on the spooky manicure has a signature three-dimensional twist. We’ve long declared our love for Megan Thee Stallion’s manicures, and when the spooky season comes around, her nail art reaches a new position of epicness.

Last time she gave us not one, not two, but three different manicures all within the first week of October.

Her go-to manicurist Coca Michelle did all the form, sculpting, and painting necessary for those three sets of sharp shark teeth nails with sopping blood, varicolored tips with bloodshot eyes, and an X-ray manicure that virtually glowed in the dark.

The brace is not disappointing this time either with a manicure that has the smallest 3D cranium details. In a print dump participated on October 27, Meg debuted what might be her longest manicure yet. You can spot the metallic nails on the sixth and seventh slides, the ultimate of which gives a close-up look.

initially, it may be hard to concentrate on the nails provided that she was dressed in speckled emerald green latex from head to toe — and we truly mean head to toe because the latex also covered her face except for her eyes and mouth.

These edgy tableware tips, which look doubly as long as her usual camo-shaped manicures, fit right in with the skintight outfit. A swipe to left reveals the cranium detail Michelle added to the base of the nail.

Right above the cuticle sat a teeny 3D cranium. We are not sure whether those craniums were the results of gems or Michelle’s sculpting chops, but these nails scream Halloween in all the right ways anyhow.

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Seeing as these prints were taken at some point in October, we do not know whether these are an old set or if Meg will actually wear those nails on the 31st. We are glad she at least gave us a peep.


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